Charging GST for Release of Wheel Clamp

There are signs all around the National University of Singapore campus that warn of the dangers of illegal parking. Beware! Illegally parked cars will be wheel-clamped! Release fee: $100 $107.

That’s right. The people in charge actually spent money pasting a 7 over a 0 for every sign on campus so that they can charge GST for the release of the wheel clamp. What the hell were they thinking? They’re charging tax for a wheel clamp release fee that they placed on? Wow!

J.’s imagining: “No food and drink allowed on the MRT. Fine: $535.” Maybe kidnappers (beware! death penalty in Singapore!) in the future should demand, [in a metallic voice via voice synthesiser], “We’ve got your kid. Leave 2 million and 70 thousand dollars in a black bag on Doesntexist Avenue.”


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