Changi General Hospital: Very Student Friendly

Recently, J. was posted to Changi General Hospital for his General Surgery rotation. Veritably, it is the most student/staff friendly of all the hospitals.

Firstly, there is the presence of a student lounge. Though not quite as large as Singapore General Hospital’s student lounge, it’s still fairly spacious and is divided into two compartments: a lecture area (with seats, a computer, projector, etc.) and the general area (with four armchairs, magazines, 3 out of 4 computers working, a small coffee table with 4 chairs).

It also comes with lockers, one for every two students (as compared to one for 8 students in SGH, the only other hospital that grants students lockers), a refrigerator for drinks and fruits (but not food) and a water cooler (with regularly replenished plastic cups). Amazing!

The hospital’s associate dean’s office (ADO) actually contacted the students by email one week before the posting, asking for license plate and IU numbers to arrange for parking in the hospital’s underground and surface carparks. How touching is that?

When J. did his Internal Medicine rotation at TTSH, as the group leader, he was entrusted with the sole access card (one for 8 students). At CGH, every single student has a temporary access card, allowing them to enter the abovementioned student lounge, the operating theatre, clinical staff office (CSO)and the staff recreational centre.

Speaking of which, J.’s already been to the gymnasium (a gym is also available at NUH and SGH, just more out of the way), and thought about making use of the basketball cum tennis court, badminton court and billiards room (booking required). Just opposite the gym is the dance studio, probably somewhere J.’ll never use.

For the less physically and more academically inclined, one doesn’t have to study in the student lounge. There’s a library that’s actually open 24hrs (as compared to KKWCH’s closing at 6pm) though the number of books there is limited.

It’s a resort! Work hard, play hard.

Now, if only CGH weren’t so damn far away…


2 responses to this post.

  1. Hi J!

    I’m third year medical student at NUS who fortuitously stumbled upon your blog. I really like reading your entries. In fact, I was wondering if you and your fellow contributors to the Little Red Dot Journal of Anecdotal Medicine would be interested to write for your batch’s graduation book? =)

    I’m not sure if sheldon has approached you yet but do feel free to drop me an email if you’d like to find out more.


  2. That’s very kind of you to say so, Ryan. I’m sure quite a few of us will be willing to write.


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