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My Broadband Wireless Network Experience [long]

Conclusions at bottom,

Whether it’s checking out or relaxing by watching videos on youtube, most of us have become very reliant on the Internet. So when problems arise, frustration level hit record levels.

For the 2 years, I was using a 1500kbps ADSL connection from Singnet Broadband. Subscribing to it granted me a new iPod mini (4Gb) and an ADSL dial-up modem, the Prolink Hurricane 9000/B, which I hooked up to my desktop. Relatives who used notebook computers would drop by and suggest that I get a wireless router such that more than one computer could enjoy internet connection.

Enter the Linksys BEFW11S4 ver. 4 Wireless-B Broadband router. Fresh out of the box, we ran into difficulties. Running a WEP connection, it was impossible for one cousin’s notebook to connect wirelessly. However, it worked when the network was unsecured. Repeat attempts to double-check and enter the password in both formats proved useless. That was about the time the brother bought a new notebook computer and left me with the hp pavilion ze1110, which did not have an in-built wireless adapter. Unfortunately for me, the notebook had a few problems. The battery was useless, rendering the notebook completely reliant on the AC power adaptor.

That was when I bought the Linksys WUSB54G Wireless-G USB Network Adapter, which unfortunately didn’t really work very well on the Ubuntu 5.04 system. Perfectly happy with my DIY desktop computer, I passed the adapter to my father. His Dell notebook was unable to connect to the wireless network due to a malfunction of the in-built wireless adapter. He set up the Linksys USB adapter and voila! internet connection established.

Note that the Linksys wireless network works with the Linksys adapter on a computer running the Linksys network manager. It became a recurring theme.
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Review: Haato (Ridgewood Condominium)

Recently, J. called in an old debt, made in jest, and visited one of the outlets of Haato, in particular the one hidden at Ridgewood Condominium.

Haato Logo

The place isn’t very accessible by public transport. Parking along the road outside of Ridgewood Condominium leading to the place was simple. The place was small, with one table seating 6, another seating 8, and two sets of 4 couches each indoors.

Regardless, the two strode into the cosy-looking parlour.

Their purpose: gelato.
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Farewell Party for [/on] the Library

The Medical Library of the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine is due to be demolished to make way for a bigger, better building. Something to do with research and whatnot, things that seem remote to the typical medical student who mourns the death of an old friend – the, ahem, comfortable place where he has spend hours mugging, ordering in pizza to boost his morale, playing cards to defuse boredom, and prayed in the mornings for strength.

Whilst studying for the Pathology Examination, J. and JeT had an idea while exploring the building… and when they ended up on the roof of the medical library.

“Wow, we can actually walk around the rooftop and have a great view of NUH, the COFM department, and so on.”

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

“We should play daidee and the loser walks on the parapet?”

“No, you idiot!” -bonk- “We should have a barbeque here after our pathology exams!”

So they did.
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Review: Crêperie AR-MEN

Creperie AR-MEN Logo

Crêperie AR-MEN is a charming place around Tanjong Pagar, and one of two places J. knows of in Singapore that specialise in selling French crêpes. The pronunciation of “crêpes” is slightly closer to “crap” than “creeps”, as is favoured by most Singaporeans.

After way too long, J. decided to visit the place with fellow food reviewer – Co – one lazy weekday evening.
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Books: Saturday by Ian McEwan

Disclaimer: J. is not affiliated with and has no vested interest in

Having a couple of weeks of holiday, J. finds himself in the unfamiliar territory of having way too much free time. Therefore, he has resumed his old hobby (having relinquished the old one of computer games) of reading. One reference he uses to guide his reading is 1001 Books To Read Before You Die which lists the books, their summaries and comments in chronological order, ranging from Aesop’s Fables by Aesopus to Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro.

One book J. has read since is Saturday by Ian McEwan, who is an amazing writer.
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Pathology: Studying in NUS

J.’s been spending a lot of time in school. A lot.

Any experienced student will tell you that the following is nice for a good long day/night of studying in school.

1. Books and Notes
Self-explanatory, really. You need to study, yes?

2. Either (a) a locker (b) a really large, durable bag and strong core + shoulder muscles
Getting 1. to the location you’re studying at.

3. Notebook Computer
Incredibly convenient for checking out obscure facts on the internet… such as Ki-67 being an antigen whose levels have good correlation with prognosis for breast cancer. Make sure the usual items are brought along: security cable (unless you bring your laptop with you to meals, etc.), earphones, mouse + mousepad (for irregular surfaces) / trackball, AC adaptor.
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Bachata Competition

Bachata originated from the Dominican Republic, [blah blah insert history here, or just read Wikipedia’s entry] and it’s mostly romantic and a little sad. The basic step is 3 steps to the left and a movement like a hip bump, followed by 3 steps to the right and a movement. Repeat.

Bachata, when danced socially, is often danced very closely, frequently with the right lower limb between the lower limbs of the partner. That is supposedly how the Colombians dance, and some feel that to dance in open hold for the entire length of the song is pointless. For these reasons, some people like J. prefer only to do the bachata with certain people they are comfortable with.

Back to the competition. It was held at O Bar, beneath dbl O. Each couple had to come up with a bachata performance item of between 1min30s and 5min. In the end, a total of 7 couples took part.

N.B.: Couples must be of opposite genders. It may be taken for granted but you’d be surprised.

J. took part with Ly.
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