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Pointless Campaign: Eating alone

Do you dare to eat alone?

Summary: Students print T-shirts saying “I dare to eat alone” for a campaign to dispel the stigma of eating alone.

Um. What? Why is this even an issue?

Lots of people choose to eat alone at times. It’s faster (J. is a speed demon at eating), timing is more convenient (some friend wants to finish a page, another wants to finish a chapter), or the schedule demands it.

Who, in their right mind, would look at a person eating lunch by himself and thinks, “Oh! What a loser! He must have no friends!” It doesn’t work that way.

How about taking that time and money and devoting it to a campaign about elderly folks with no family and no income and who stay alone?

More Mental Weakness

Names/Locations/Vocations have been changed to protect the weak. Singapore is a small city state with land area 710 square kilometres. It is not that big.

WK – WeaKling
OP – OrciPer

Background: WL has just been posted in to be a storeman at Western Singapore Camp 2 days ago, a role that allows him to go home every day.

WK: Sir, can I talk to you?

OP: Okay, what’s up?

WK: Sir, I want to be posted out. I live in Northern Area. Western Camp is very far. Cannot. I need to be posted out.

OP: Huh? Your CSM stays in Uber-Northern-Ululand and takes 2 hours to commute to work every day. I stay Eastern Area. Okay, okay… if you find it hard to commute every day, we give you bunk to stay in. You can stay in during the week and book out on weekends! Win.

WK: Sir, I don’t want to stay in. Can I be posted out?

Outcome: WK is not posted out. His extreme weakness and attempts to avoid work are noted and his work/leave/medical certificates are scrutinised and viewed with suspicion. Such is life.

Egocentric Recruits

One problem with many citizens of the Lion City and in particular the younger residents (including recruits) is their egocentricity.

During J.’s recent stint in the military, he has seen and counselled quite a few recruits who seem to hold the view that their wants (not needs) matter first and that the world owes them a living.
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The Amazingly Immature Recruit

Some time back, J. was called back to an island resort for the purpose of serving his nation once again. He saw many a Singaporean male who had come to the island (mostly against their will) to learn to hold a gun and defend a nation.

My boyfriend, our army. My brother, our army. My son, our army. Bah.

When you are 5 years old, you look to your mother for her loving care. For clothes, for food, for transport, for comfort. When you are 5 years old and have a headache, you go to your mother and say, “Mama, I have a headache. Boohoohoo.” and your mother will comfort you and take you to the doctor who will prescribe paracetamol syrup for tension headache.

When you are 18 years old, you should NOT do the same thing. For instance, if you have a slight headache, you should not fall out of training and go to the Medical Officer and say, “MO, I have a headache. Boohoohoo.” That is just sad.

When you are 5 years old and about to be left at a new school, you can throw a tantrum “I don’t care! I want to go home! Mummy!”

When you are 18 years old and have enlisted for 3 days, you should NOT throw a tantrum in your MO’s consultation room. “I don’t care! I want to go home! You talk to me Mummy!” That is just gross.

J. will post more on the mentality of such recruits in a later post.

I’m Back

Can’t even remember the last time I entered a post. Good thing, that going to my website automatically reminds me that it was 7 February 2010. That’s 11 months, an eternity in internet terms which has left this blog a derelict (until now) bereft of visitors.

I like to voice my opinions on a wide variety of topics. So I’m back with the angst of a 17 year-old female goth and the opinionated bigotry of a 70 year-old.

Hello world.