The Roster Monster

The roster monster… um… manger is an important figure. He (or she, you politically correct folks) holds the ultimate power of leave, call and ward/team allocation. The roster monster is usually nominated because it is a thankless job that nobody generally wants as inevitably he (or she, damn you PC folks) becomes the most unpopular chap around. Except for the rubbish house officer. However, because the roster monster holds such influence over the quality of life of everyone, the most responsibile, hardworking person is usually chosen.

So it was with J.’s surgical rotation, when everyone targeted BB (a pseudonym, if you haven’t figured that out) to be the house officer. After that, though, JustKidding stood up and said, “Actually I don’t mind being the roster monster.” Given that it’s a thankless job that no one volunteers for, who would deny him? So it was that we nominated both of them as co-rostermonsters.

Cynical fact #5: few people who volunteer for a thankless job do it out of the goodness of their heart. So it was that JustKidding (JK for short) has turned out to be, well, very much less-than-ideal.

Summary of what JK has done as the rostermonster: (a) given himself the leave of his choice, after applying the “first-come-first-serve” principle. (b) given himself the calls of his choice (c) given himself the teams of his choice. (d) screwed up the roster so badly, even putting people on consecutive day calls (hello, 56 hour workdays are not humanly possible), that his roster cannot be used (e) purposely put people on the teams they specifically requested not to be one.

Summary of what BB (our original nominee) has done as the rostermonster: (a) cleaned up JK’s mess (b) done up a proper roster (c) sacrificed herself for leave by taking a leave period not of her choice (d) sacrificed her team postings by doing both colorectal and vascular because she was acceding to team requests. (d) become the unpopular person for not being able to accomodate everyone’s requests (you can’t please everybody)

It’s disgusting. That said, J.’s actually fairly happy with his calls and team rotations so far. Thanks, BB. But he’s pissed at how selfishly incompetent JK is. Pui!


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