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TTSH vs SGH: Handing Over of Cases

In TTSH, at around 5pm or so the HO/MO on call gets a number of calls. Generally, these go something like this:

Hello, J. ah? This is K. from Ward 8B ah, got 2 cases to hand over to you. First one is 8B/65, Mr Genericname Tan, severe pneumonia, DIL Max ward fluids no inotropes, family informed already so just keep an eye out. Second is just to check blood and do check FBC 4 hours after, 8B/59 GS saw planning for scope tomorrow last Hb 6.9 GXM sent off waiting for blood to arrive. Can? Thanks.

Apparently, in SGH Medicine given the breadth of the wards the HO/MOs have to cover, this isn’t the case. Instead, you get a call from the nurse in the middle of the night.

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SingTel: “You move into new address, now we harass you for Ah-Long’s $20k”

SingTel is asking me to pay my handphone bill. Only thing is, they transfered over 110 dollars worth of debt from some other account to my account and demand that I pay it. What the hell?

Here’s the background. I started work in May, and received a corporate handphone with a corporate line with a corporate rate of about $14 a month. We would receive the bill at home, pay it and get reimbursed the money by the company with our monthly payslips.

Despite having informed them of a change in address, they sent the first 2 month’s bills to my own place… that had already been demolished. Okay.

The first bill I received was in August: $179.20.

W.T.F. In our line of work, receiving loads and loads of incoming calls is the norm… hence free incoming. There are 80 min free outgoing calls, and I used a total of… 19min. 500 free SMSes, of which I used 28. And that’s what I’d been doing every month.

Refusing to believe that I could spend so much, I took a look at the bill. Aha!


Tfr of Acct Bal from A/c [RANDOM NUMBER] to [MY ACCOUNT NUMBER] 117.84
Tft of Acct Bal from A/C [WEIRD NUMBER] to [MY ACCOUNT NUMBER] 0.94

More background history. Apparently the number I took over for 4 months from when I started working for the company until I gave up the phone (with its number) on 1st September had been used by prior employees account a different account number. I’m guessing that the previous deadbeat user hadn’t paid his bills (the account is registered to Company Name) and now they want me to pay.

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Great Book: No Country For Old Men

Aye, this is the book that was made into a major motion picture made especially memorable by a particular atrocious haircut sported by Javier Bardem (creepy!).

No Country For Old Men by Cormac McCarth is a fantastic book with fantastic characters and a gripping plot that made J. [speed-]read it all the way through in one sitting. He’s going to go through it again to make sure he didn’t miss out much the first time round.

Now all that’s left to do is the watch the film version.

The Fatigue Factor

At 2am in the morning, J. saw his MO-on-call fall asleep at the counter. Wanting to let him get a bit more rest, he quietly went to do his changes without disturbing him.

At 3am in the morning, J. sees another MO having little “micro-sleeps”, zoning out in the middle of taking a history from a new admission.

The next morning, J. sees a fellow HO fall asleep in the middle of a discharge summary.

Barely getting enough sleep, it makes you wonder how they find time to keep up to date on the latest medical knowledge. Congratulations, these are your doctors

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Arrogance in Ignorance

People actually study this sort of thing!

Unskilled and Unaware of It: How Difficulties in Recognizing One’s Own Incompetence Lead to Inflated Self-Assessments

Hmmm… it makes perfect sense. Or does J.’s inability to recognise his own sensing abilities render him incapable of realising that it doesn’t make that much sense?


I miss jogging with friends at the reservoir. I miss pounding jungle trails and taking in the tranquility of the water. I miss having a chewy hot prata with spicy curry after.

I miss sitting on the cool parquet floor reading the morning newspapers. I miss having a fragrant mug of Old Town Coffee sitting alongside. I miss the morning music channels playing in the background.

I miss taking leisurely morning walks down the road. I miss having soft-boiled eggs and kaya toast in the morning. I miss musing over the day’s itinerary over a fragrant cup of Ya Kun coffee.

I miss drinking with friends late at night. I miss being able to leave the alarm clock off. I miss splurging on an Eggs Benedict late in the morning.

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Black Crocs

On the journey home yesterday, J., looking about shiftily, declined to meet the eyes of anyone on the train. He shuffled his feet and tried to keep the plastic bag by his side inconspicuous. He quietly nudged it further under the seat.

He didn’t want anyone to see that he had bought a pair of Crocs.

More specifically, a pair of black CrocsRx “Relief” shoes to wear on call. Previously, J. wore a pair of adidas sports shoes on call… making it easy to sprint from one corner of SGH to another. Subsequently, having no time to change out, he wore his leather shoes and dress pants on call in TTSH. It’s time to give the feet a rest from their tight confines, he thought.

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