Scavenged: HP LaserJet 1300

The old Medical Society Room (Medsoc Rm) is soon to be torn down with the rest of the library. As such, most of the things inside were cleared out and moved to the makeshift Medsoc Rm elsewhere. However, there were a variety of items scattered about the room, doomed to be destroyed with the walls that housed them.

It was a travesty that a fully functioning HP LaserJet 1300, not used since its partner (the computer) went to the great junkyard in the sky, would be left behind to rot as the tasks of printing were taken over by a younger, fitter printer.

HP Laser Printer

So it was that J. besought the new members of the medical society for their permission to give the long-suffering HP LaserJet 1300 a new home, a place where its life purpose, to print large quantities of black and white pages, would be fulfilled to some extent. Medsoc graciously agreed.

And it works! Woohoo! Hurrah for laser printers! It even came with an unopened ink cartridge!

HP Laser Printer Cartridge

Now J. will only turn on his ink-grubbing Brother DCP-115C when he needs to scan or photocopy something.


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