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Cupcake + Coffee: Where to Find?

It’s a strange craving to strike at 12 midnight on Sunday evening… true… but it’s a perplexing question.

The various cupcake sellers in Singapore, often operating out of their homes or in small bakeries, tend to sell cupcakes in batches of 6 or 10 which are then delivered to or picked up by the customer. Few cafes sell good cupcakes. This is compounded by the lack of great baristas in Singapore… hmmm.

Here’s my question: Where in Singapore can I sit down on a lazy Saturday afternoon with a cupcake and a beautiful cup of espresso?

Anyone has an answer?



Cost-effective Guide to Medical Instruments Fair

As many of the NUS meddies are aware, the Medical Instruments Fair 2007 (MIF 2007) will be held on the 29-30 November 2007 (Thursday and Friday) at the foyer outside the Clinical Research Centre (MD11).

This is particularly catered towards the M2s who will be starting their clinical rotations shortly after their examinations. Unfortunately, this means they’ll be thinking about buying stuff that they have no idea what to use! This is not ideal. Hence, this post. Note that it contains the viewpoints of J., who is practical and extremely cost-conscious, and should not be taken as the viewpoint of all M5s (who have completed almost all their clinical rotations)

For stethoscopes, please peruse J.’s previous post, updated for easier reading:
Stethoscopes for Clinical Years

For a simple, but not exceedingly useful look at pentorches, here’s a post too:
Instruments of Illumination – Say “Ah…”

Onwards to the rest!

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Humour: The Flying Spaghetti Monster

Repent, oh sinners! Come forth to the the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster! (Church of the FSM / CoFSM)

Join the few hundreds thousands millions of Pastafarians who have been touched by his noodly appendage and now know the deliciousness of the FSM.

He flies! He’s made of spaghetti with two meatballs!

Confused? Fret not! Here’s a handy little site that will clear all doubts:

Guide to Pastafarianism

Viva la pasta!

Belt Up, Back Seat Passengers!

Before we begin, here’s a link to the Singapore Police Force Seat Belt Rule FAQ.

If you care for your friends and family’s safety more than your own comfort. Here’s why:

When back seat passengers use seatbelts, not only do they reduce their mortality risk, they also reduce the mortality risk of the driver and front seat passenger. An unsecured passenger is another projectile, one that uses the front seat passengers as a crude form of airbag.

J. recently read about this in the July 2007 issue of Reader’s Digest in an article titled:

Hidden Dangers In Your Car – When Everyday Objects Turn Deadly

Interested, he decided to surf the Internet for research articles done on the subject.
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General Medicine Posting: Rumour #1

Rumours are passed along by word of mouth and can be notoriously unreliable. So this might not be the truth. Please take with a pinch of salt.

Over 3 weeks into the posting, the reason that everyone suddenly has to do writeups from the previous 0 (SGH), 3 (NUH), 2 (CGH), 1 (AH), 1 (TTSH).

Rumour has it that a particular non-Chinese class member who’s particularly proficient at a racket sport being dominated by Roger Federer complained (i.e. in a manner that reaches the administration) about others not having to do write-ups.

If this is true, it’s hardly the nicest thing to do. It’s been said that when MBBS looms, true colours appear.

Then again, it could be just a rumour.

Review: Swirl Gelateria

Dropping by Crown Centre to use the washroom some days back, J. saw Swirl Gelateria and thought it looked promising. Some time later, he passed by again with a friend and this time, they decided to try it out.

Anyone who’s been to Marble Slab Creamery (previously reviewed here) (USA, Canada), Cold Stone Creamery (USA) or Cold Rock Ice Creamery (Australia) will be familiar with the concept. Various ice cream flavours plus various “mixins” such as Skor Bar, pecans, strawberries, granola get dumped on a chilled marble slab and mixed thoroughly.

Swirl Gelateria calls them “mixers” and has some pre-selected combinations called “Blends”.

Other known places in Singapore with a similar concept are:

Back to Swirl Gelateria!

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Intra-Faculty Basketball Part 2 – Completed

Despite an overcast sky, a weather forecast of 60% chance of thunderstorms and a damp floor that had to be overcome with rollers and newspapers, the Faculty of Medicine Shield (FMS) Intra-Faculty Games – Basketball was successfully concluded this day.

Unfortunately, the turnout was far less than the previous attempt (which ended in rain). The M5s had 7 people, the M4s 7, the M3s 9 and the M2s a slightly better number.

The champions are… -drumroll-
the M5s, who defeated convincingly, by sizable margins, the M3s, M2s and M4s, in that order (the M1s failed to send a team). The final game was played between the M5s and M4s, who defeated the M3s 12-11 in an exciting nailbiter of a game.

They suffered poor fortune, however. One last member of the M4s had a left calf cramp with minutes left in the final game against the M5s. Even worse, two of the M4s sustained serious injuries. The tallest member, XK, had a fracture-dislocation of his right wrist during his first game and had to go straight to NUH A&E. Another member, one that plays basketball regularly on Sundays with the M5s, suffered a dislocation/subluxation of his right shoulder during the final game against the M5s.

J. has a nasty habit of getting injured, ranging from hip strains to multiple abrasions, in all the basketball games of previous years. This year, he is pleased to buck the trend.

And there’s that for his participation in intra-faculty games. It’s nice to win on the final year, the last time they won was 3 years ago in M2 (with 6 members).