The Girl in Seminar Room M8

One evening, J. was studying in Seminar Room M8 and thinking, “Hmm… it’s already 9.30pm. I’ll just finish up this chapter and then head home.”

All of a sudden, the door flew open! In drifted a short girl, long hair untied, in a multi-coloured shift and shawl clutching boots, notes, an Acer laptop and a soft toy. She moved soundlessly across the room and placed her things on the table, then wordlessly walked out of the room.

J. looked on in amazement. “Who is this? Why this room? I’m getting the %*@# out of here!” were thoughts that raced through his mind.

Shortly after, the strange girl came back in, set and started talking to it. J. fervently hoped that she was using Windows Live Messenger/Skype and that her notebook computer had an integrated camera and microphone. He left for home, thankful that she had no once acknowledged his presence.

Some days later, J. was having his morning coffee in the Science canteen when she appeared clad in exactly the same attire, clutching the exact same items and sat down at a nearby table. J. didn’t know what to think… but was thankful that his companion noticed her as well (“Phew, I’m not hallucinating.”) He finished his coffee and left to clerk orthopedic same day admission (SDA) cases.

Most recently, J. arrived in the morning at 7.05am, ready for a fresh day of mugging. Concerned over whether he could use the seminar rooms near the old medical library, he entered the first one he saw: Seminar Room M8. The room was darkened… but the first thing that struck him was the strange, pungent smell… like food left for too long. With the faint light of the corridor, he the shadows of unattended notes, books and laptop computer perched upon the table… “Familiar… could it be?”

He flicked on the light as he pondered where the girl was. All of a sudden, a movement in the room! She had been lying across a few chairs sleeping, clad in the exact same outfit. With a start, J. apologised profusely and left as quickly as he could.

An odd experience, to be sure. Who is this girl? Why Seminar Room M8? We may never know.


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