Review: Tip Top Curry Puff

J. remembered the favourite curry puffs of his childhood – Tip Top Curry Puffs, from their humble beginnings as a foodcourt stall, each curry puff costing $0.60.

Recently, however, a classmate who stays across the road from AMK Central, wrinkled her nose at the mention of Tip Top? “Eh. Now not nice to eat already.”

Could it be? Could it be?! J. refused to believe it and decided to visit the stall again.

Outside the stall are posted multiple newspaper articles featuring the famous AMK curry puff stall. Apparently, they have expanded and now have a few outlets in China! Well done.

There were a few workers at the stall, and J. was served by an efficient- (and unfriendly-) looking Malay lady. Meanwhile, one man was sitting at a chair and another was taking prepared curry puffs and dipping them into the frying oil.

That’s all good, but what about the puffs?

Tip Top Curry Puff ($1.00)
Tip Top Curry Puffs

The crust was warm, crisp and filling. The filling was just spicy enough with that hint of tanginess. If J. has one complaint, it’s “Where did all the chicken chunks go?” Within one curry puff, J. could only taste one chunk of chicken. It was mostly all potato (with a bit of egg). Could it be a price-saving method?

Verdict: It’s still good. However, with the increase in price and decrease in quantity of meat in filling, J. probably won’t specifically drop by the stall.

#01-2843 Food Junction
Blk 722 Ang Mo Kio Central
Opening Hours: 9.30am – 9.30pm daily


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