Salsa Event: Bailamos En La Calle

Bailamos En La Calle (translation: “we danced in the street”) was the first inter-tertiary salsa event in Singapore, held at DXO (Esplanade) on the 28 February 2008 a, and was largely organised by the SMU Caderas Latinas (translation: “latin hips”).

Performing groups included: SIM’s Salsa Zambia, Republic Polytechnic’s Groove Republic, NTU’s Salsa En Soul, NUS’s Social & Ballroom Club, a group of 4 guys (marc, tze yi, jared) and one other chap called Los Cuatro Elefantes (translation: “the four elephants”), SMU’s Latin Ballroom and Caderas Latinas.

The turn-out was ridiculous [-ly good]. J. arrived at 9.05pm since the performances would only start at 9.30pm and the place was packed. There was a human wall several layers thick surrounding the dance floor and the combined human heat production overwhelmed the air conditioning. This level of crowd is generally unheard of in a DXO salsa event.

Paradoxically, (well it actually made sense) the dance floor was fairly empty at the time (it was early). Eventually the place cleared… after the last performance which would take some time yet.

With regards to the performances, everything started out a bit slowly especially in the first set but picked up in the second set culminating in Caderas Latinas (J. can’t stop being amused at the name, darn it!) high energy number that they’re going to perform at the LA Congress in May.

Afterwards, during the social period, tze yi and jared, goaded by everyone and especially douglas (of SMU), put on a light-hearted show by showing off various shines and whatnot.

With all the entertainment andn a lil’ bit of salsa… yep, it was good to take a short break from studying.

P.S. For those not in the know, it costs $2.00 to check in a bag, so if there’re no valuables in your bag, you might just want to chuck it in an unobstrusive corner. Otherwise, payment can be made at the bar and the receipt presented to the man before the baggage counter.


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