Coffee – Yahava KoffeeWorks

Friends of a friend of mine went to Australia and tasted the coffee from Yahava KoffeeWorks. They were so taken by it that they decided to franchise it and bring it to Singapore.

Another of my friends gave me one of the coffee tumblers she bought from Yahava KoffeeWorks. The power of the tumbler allows me to obtain 50 cent discounts off drinks at Yahava. 50 cents a lot of money!

Yahava Keepcup ($19.50)

I have heard that the main business of Yahava KoffeeWorks was the supplying of coffee beans. Unlike illy, which produces only one blend, Yahava provides a range of coffee blends. Their shop along Upper Thomson Road is supposedly more for people to sample their coffees and being a café is not their core business.

Tempering my expectations with that in mind, I made my way down to check out the place for myself.

Fortunately, I am familiar with the area (due to frequenting Plum Village) because it isn’t one of those places that is very visible from the main road and can be a little difficult to find. Looks promising!

First thing that leapt out at me were the doorknobs: they are made out of portafilters!

Portafilter Doorknobs

The environment inside was comfortably cool without being cold, providing me with some much needed solace from the stifling heat outside. Soft music reminding me of Yann-Tiersen’s works played in the background (the barista says it is music that would be played in Italy/France cafés). The place was very spacious and consisted of the main serving area, the coffee roaster + tasting area, the goods area and the store area (not visible).

Serving Counter

When I was there, a couple of Australians having coffee tasting. The barista says that usually people taste up to 3 coffees before their palate is saturated.

Coffee Tasting at Yahava

Of course, I have to try their coffee. The blackboard stated that today’s special was the Kintamani and that it was best prepared in the form of a latte. So I ordered that. The latte is very creamy, it was fragrant and very easy to drink with no hint of sourness and had enough caffeine to give me a slight buzz.

Latte (normally $5.00, but $4.50 using Keepcup)

The round circle thing is an electronic buzzer that says when food is ready. I last used this in Medzs at Orchard Central, and am confused as to why Yahava needs to use it. The place is spacious, seating is limited and everyone is within view of the counter. Ah well, I was using it to await my cake which was being heated up.

Yahava doesn’t have a kitchen, so all its food is either easy to prepare or sourced from elsewhere. The scones (I have a weakness for them) were PUNY and cost $2 each, so I didn’t even bother with them. Instead, I tried a slice of my childhood with the banana cake. It’s self-service for the cakes. Nothing much about the cake, it’s just normal. Somewhat bland.

Banana Cake ($2.00)

After reading my newspaper and watching the Australians eat a ham and cheese panini ($5.80), I couldn’t resist any longer and decided to have my lunch there.

Beef and cheese panini ($6.80, one dollar more than the ham version)

It was pretty good, surprisingly. Decent for café fare. Instead of prepackaged sandwiches that they heat up, they prepared the sandwich on ordering, slicing the bread, putting in the beef and cheese and toasting the combination.

Note that unlike most cafés these days, there is no wireless internet access. The barista said that although they were considering it, the café is not their main business and they do not wish to have students who buy 1 small drink and sit there for 5-6 hours at a shot (future post on studying in cafés etiquette coming up) and instead want to maintain the comfortable café environment.

I asked why they chose the location, since it’s a bit out of the way. They said that they liked the quiet nature of the environment and were seeking to recreate the ambience of the original location in Australia.

Now I’m torn. On one hand I want them to succeed and not close down, but on the other hand it’s nice that it’s not too crowded and the ambience is nicer than my other favourite coffee place Highlander Coffee, which incidentally isn’t so cheap any more.

Looking around the gift area, there are lots of coffee preparation items, many blends of coffee available, ground as well as in the form of beans. They have run one coffee appreciation workshop and more of such events should be in the works. Look out for Yahava Koffeeworks in the future!

In summary, go there for the ambience and the coffee. Skip the pastries and hot food (just go eat at the food centre 30m away).

4 Jalan Gelenggang
Singapore 578188
Ph 6554 7080
Fax 6554 7079
Open Daily 9AM – 6PM
Free Coffee Tasting from 9AM – 5PM
(5pm on the website but at the shop it says 3pm)


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  1. Hey there!…interesting blog!..Are you still in touch with the friend of your friend who owns the Cafe on Upper thomson. this is for a University Project. Please contect me on facebook if you can help in anyway!..Thanks


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