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Singaporean Television Drama – The Oath

Loathe as I am to admit it, the medical drama The Oath by Wawa Productions, is actually quite entertaining to watch.

The Oath

It’s so bad, it’s good. It’s like how forensic experts roll their eyes at the popular show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and lament how juries in the US nowadays expect the same impossible magic before convicting criminals (“What, you don’t have DNA evidence + tire trails + electronic money trail + 5 CCTV surveillance tapes + trace chemicals matching the one from this obscure chemical plant 20 years ago, we can’t convict this robber!”)

Similarly, we have actually had people ask: “Can poking the fingertips and rubbing the ears help to treat acute stroke?”

The Oath Episode 1

Then there’s this blood-vomitus-inducing car accident part at 12:30 of the above video that explains why the character acted by Christopher Lee basically got kicked out of medical school for general quackery. First, please contrast what happened in the above video with the below video (read: Singaporean scriptwriters may have copied a few things from more successful dramas)

Iryu Team Medical Dragon Episode 1

It starts from 0:45min, where they make a judgement after listening for breathing and percussing for hyperresonance that this lady has suffered bilateral spontaneous pneumothorax requiring urgent needle (pen) decompression to buy time pending arrival of the ambulance.

Now compare that with The Oath, where the medical student played by Christopher Lee on his way to an exam runs to a polytrauma patient from a road traffic accident, does not try to assess / open the airway, does not listen for breathing, and proceeds to jab a pen into her chest. Nice. The blog link above says it’s a cricothyroidotomy but the area of insertion is wrong, it’s more likely an improvised needle decompression.

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Great Read: The Plot Against America by Philip Roth

The work of fiction writes about World War II and what might have happened had Franklin D. Roosevelt not won the election, had the famed aviator Lindbergh become President and if anti-Semitism had swept across America (well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration)… written from the perspective of a young Jewish boy watching his safe haven disintegrate around him.

It’s got a vivid description of American Jewish life, so detailed it seems the author were recalling from memory, enmeshed within an exciting “What-if?” scenario.

And J. feels that one of its strengths is that it never really strays into the realm of improbability. One can, especially seeing the reactions of people in the recent US elections, believe that such a scenario could have happened. And a similar one could still occur. It’s no 1984, but therein lies its strength.

Food That’s Just Not Worth It – Part 1

“In these uncertain economic times” (my new catchphrase for sounding smart on the economy when I’m just a layperson trying to sound smart. smartass.) , one has to be guarded with one’s spending. Although that’s actually the reverse of what will revive the economy but I don’t care as long as I’m not living in the streets.

And today we are going to explore the topic of food that scores damn bloody low on the value-for-money scale. Let’s start it off.

  1. Fast Food Joints
  2. J. went to drop some relatives off at the airport and thought “Hmm, they’ve gone, I’m on my way back.. I’ll just grab a quick bite. Passing by Burger King, his eye was drawn to the new BK Stacker Double – two beef patties with cheese, topped with turkey bacon and the new stacker sauce. “It just tastes better!”


    Without the meal, the burger itself came to $4.95. A small burger comprising thin, dry beef patties with dry, non-crispy turkey bacon on a limp bun cut into two, it left a sick feeling in J.’s stomach 10min after he had stomached the thing (hey, why did he do it if it didn’t taste good? idiot.)

    This is classic of the fast food burger joints. Burger King, McDonald’s, Long John’s, etc.

  3. Mid-Range Western Food Restaurants
  4. Meeting up with some friends the other day, J. couldn’t be bothered to think of a decent place to eat at… so the friends came up with one of the worst possible ideas… Breeks, run by Zingrill. It’s a dang profitable business.

    Slap some fish on a plate with some butter rice, a bit of coleslaw and charge $15++ for it when the same could be obtained from any school canteen Western food stall. Smother some drumlets in a disgustingly sweet generic barbeque sauce, the whole stack looking from far like a pile of faecal matter, and call it buffalo wings in “special” sauce.

    Hire temporary staff to layer generic brand ice cream and call it a mudpie going for $14++. Put some generic garden vegetables together and charge $6. Now that’s profitable.

    why go for it? J. would suggest avoiding places such as Fish & Co., Manhattan Fish Market, Breeks, Cafe Cartel, etc.

That’s all for now… but more to come shortly.

Interesting Movie: Tokyo!

Having a day end early, J. passed by Cathay Cineleisure and decided on a whim to catch a not-so-mainstream movie. Tokyo! is a collection of 3 short films, thrown together to showcase the sights and feel of Moscow.

Yes yes, Tokyo.

The three segments are:
Interior Design contributed by Michel Gondry
Merde contributed by Leos Carax
Shaking Tokyo contributed by Bong Joon-ho

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Cruddy Book: Mario Puzo’s The GodFather The Lost Years

This is an unashamed attempt at milking the cult phenomenon of The Godfather for all its worth. Mark Wingardner’s attempt at continuing the series after the death of Mario Puzo falls flat on his face.

J. read all Mario Puzo’s subsequent books, none of which were even remotely close to the standard of the original. The Godfather was a pretty special book which told a gripping story that made you sit down and read it all the way through.

J. struggled through two chapters before deciding he’d read the rest later. Which he did. In dribs and drabs because it was dead boring. Please, save your time and don’t even think about The Godfather’s Revenge, written by the same pretender.


I miss jogging with friends at the reservoir. I miss pounding jungle trails and taking in the tranquility of the water. I miss having a chewy hot prata with spicy curry after.

I miss sitting on the cool parquet floor reading the morning newspapers. I miss having a fragrant mug of Old Town Coffee sitting alongside. I miss the morning music channels playing in the background.

I miss taking leisurely morning walks down the road. I miss having soft-boiled eggs and kaya toast in the morning. I miss musing over the day’s itinerary over a fragrant cup of Ya Kun coffee.

I miss drinking with friends late at night. I miss being able to leave the alarm clock off. I miss splurging on an Eggs Benedict late in the morning.

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Black Crocs

On the journey home yesterday, J., looking about shiftily, declined to meet the eyes of anyone on the train. He shuffled his feet and tried to keep the plastic bag by his side inconspicuous. He quietly nudged it further under the seat.

He didn’t want anyone to see that he had bought a pair of Crocs.

More specifically, a pair of black CrocsRx “Relief” shoes to wear on call. Previously, J. wore a pair of adidas sports shoes on call… making it easy to sprint from one corner of SGH to another. Subsequently, having no time to change out, he wore his leather shoes and dress pants on call in TTSH. It’s time to give the feet a rest from their tight confines, he thought.

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