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Coffee – Yahava KoffeeWorks

Friends of a friend of mine went to Australia and tasted the coffee from Yahava KoffeeWorks. They were so taken by it that they decided to franchise it and bring it to Singapore.

Another of my friends gave me one of the coffee tumblers she bought from Yahava KoffeeWorks. The power of the tumbler allows me to obtain 50 cent discounts off drinks at Yahava. 50 cents a lot of money!

Yahava Keepcup ($19.50)

I have heard that the main business of Yahava KoffeeWorks was the supplying of coffee beans. Unlike illy, which produces only one blend, Yahava provides a range of coffee blends. Their shop along Upper Thomson Road is supposedly more for people to sample their coffees and being a café is not their core business.

Tempering my expectations with that in mind, I made my way down to check out the place for myself.

Fortunately, I am familiar with the area (due to frequenting Plum Village) because it isn’t one of those places that is very visible from the main road and can be a little difficult to find. Looks promising!

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Drinks: Gas Chamber Shooter @ Chupitos

No pictures… the lighting wasn’t good enough to take one.

The drink itself looked innocuous. A shot glass filled to the brim with transparent green liquid.

Only a moron calls a shot glass filled with transparent green liquid innocuous. It looked deadly and venomous, unlike the cheerful looking Pandan shot topped with whipped cream.

The server lit it on fire and quickly covered it with a glass and handed me a straw. She removed the glass, taking care to maintain the fumes.

I drank the shot. I had to cough as the Bacardi 151 and absinthe green hit the back of my throat.

I then inhaled the fumes from the upside down glass.

Tasted terrible. And it did go somewhat to my head, though I suspected the light-headedness was from the coughing because it only lasted for 30s. Hmmm… really wouldn’t drink it again. I like to enjoy my alcoholic beverages, not torture my throat with them.

Not Your Average Starbucks: Trung Nguyen Coffee (Liang Court)

trung-nguyen-signThis is the second outlet of Trung Nguyen Coffee in Singapore, the first being in Changi Airport Terminal 1, with plans for opening at least 2 more outlets apparently. Yes, walking through the newly opened Liang Court with a deluxe miso ramen from Tampopo in his belly, a potent smell of coffee wafted through the air and seized J. by the nostrils.

Imagine being grabbed by the nostrils. It’s not a pretty sight.

J., who had quit coffee for a mere 4 days, promptly threw his coffee-teetotaller resolve out the window and headed for the counter. Willpower is overrated.

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Review: The Prata House (Upper Serangoon) sucks

Having moved away from the Thomson area where the crispy prata is overrated and has been deteriorating in quality over the years in both Casuarina Curry and The Roti Prata House, J. thought he’d wander over to the 24-hour prata house, grab a bite, have a drink and watch Electra on the television screen provided.

Electra sucks as a movie too, by the way, just in case you were wondering. So that didn’t help the mood.

J. had 3 items to try. No pictures, they weren’t worth taking pictures of.
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Cupcake + Coffee: Where to Find?

It’s a strange craving to strike at 12 midnight on Sunday evening… true… but it’s a perplexing question.

The various cupcake sellers in Singapore, often operating out of their homes or in small bakeries, tend to sell cupcakes in batches of 6 or 10 which are then delivered to or picked up by the customer. Few cafes sell good cupcakes. This is compounded by the lack of great baristas in Singapore… hmmm.

Here’s my question: Where in Singapore can I sit down on a lazy Saturday afternoon with a cupcake and a beautiful cup of espresso?

Anyone has an answer?


Review: Swirl Gelateria

Dropping by Crown Centre to use the washroom some days back, J. saw Swirl Gelateria and thought it looked promising. Some time later, he passed by again with a friend and this time, they decided to try it out.

Anyone who’s been to Marble Slab Creamery (previously reviewed here) (USA, Canada), Cold Stone Creamery (USA) or Cold Rock Ice Creamery (Australia) will be familiar with the concept. Various ice cream flavours plus various “mixins” such as Skor Bar, pecans, strawberries, granola get dumped on a chilled marble slab and mixed thoroughly.

Swirl Gelateria calls them “mixers” and has some pre-selected combinations called “Blends”.

Other known places in Singapore with a similar concept are:

Back to Swirl Gelateria!

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Review: 上海人家 (Shanghai Ren Jia) Eatery

On the advice of the mother’s friend regarding xiao long bao, the mother and J. headed towards Sembawang to check out a Shanghai-ese eatery. It’s located next to and outlet of Han’s, which recently has a big “Open 24hrs” banner hanging outside.

Shanghai Ren Jia Sign

When J. first saw the sign from the car, he thought it said, “工人海家 “, which made absolutely no sense. Anyway, on closer look, the place was quite deserted for a Sunday evening with only one table of 5 present, especially in comparison to Han’s next door. The fact that the staff was from Shanghai was made evident by their Shanghai accent (no, not just Chinese accent, Shanghai accent)

The chairs were rattan, the table cloth old-fashioned, and some of the ceiling lights were off, giving the place an old, worn-down feel. Not the best way to start a meal. Mother pointed out that it wasn’t so nice for the cookery to not be segregated from the eating area, especially for a Chinese cookery, but J. didn’t think that was a problem. Anyway, the focus is on the food, so J. and Mother ignored the surroundings and ordered some food.

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