Fitness: Walking

Sometimes people ask me: J., how do you maintain your fantastic 6-packs, broad shoulders, Arnie-worthy biceps and defined calf muscles?

Then I wake up.

That said, it never hurts to try to maintain some fitness, and one thing I do do is walk, even though it will never get me Arnie-worthy deltoids.

It’s one simple activity that I tell all my patients who are keen on weight loss to start doing.

At the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) station, I make it a habit to climb stairs instead of taking the escalator. I routinely walk 2 bus stops distance from the MRT station home even though taking the bus will only cost $0.03.

While in hospital, I would climb the 5 storeys up to the ward (time permitting, of course) instead of taking the lift. Instead of taking the shuttle bus to the MRT station, yes, you guessed it, walk there.

You’ll be surprised. All these little things add up.

That said, a few days back I ran 6km, went to the gym after, and after work walked from home -> MRT station, took an MRT to City Hall, walked from Raffles City -> Marina Bay Sands -> Gardens by the Bay South -> the Flower Dome. Took the shuttle bus to Marina Bay MRT station, took the MRT home and walked from MRT station -> home.

Legs were not happy. Difficulty climbing the stairs. Ah well.


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