Watch: Seiko Orange Monster

I’d been looking for a diver watch, and found the following:

    The Seiko SKX781 Orange Monster

Seiko Orange Monster

It’s an entry level automatic (translation: self-winding mechanical) diver watch by Seiko. It has all the requisite diver watch requirements: bright lume, unidirectional bevel, screw-in crown, solid stainless steel case.

If you buy it at an authorised store it will cost around S$500. BUT, I have heard that if you buy gray market you can get it for around S$235.

When I first saw it, I was deciding between the Orange Monster and its brother the SKX779 Black Monster. The draw of the Black Monster is that with its black dial, it would be easier to wear on a daily basis. However, the Orange Monster drew me in with its easier readability and cheerful orange.

Today, it handled my swimming laps with it perfectly well. I look forward to testing it in open water and in lower depths.

The stainless steel bracelet is excellent, it’s one of the best I’ve worn so far.

Accuracy: I’ve worn it 5 out of 7 days with lots of walking for the past 1 month and it’s now running 2 minutes fast. However, some forums say that I should wear it regularly (i.e. daily) for 2 months prior to any tuning. So we shall wait and see.


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