More Mental Weakness

Names/Locations/Vocations have been changed to protect the weak. Singapore is a small city state with land area 710 square kilometres. It is not that big.

WK – WeaKling
OP – OrciPer

Background: WL has just been posted in to be a storeman at Western Singapore Camp 2 days ago, a role that allows him to go home every day.

WK: Sir, can I talk to you?

OP: Okay, what’s up?

WK: Sir, I want to be posted out. I live in Northern Area. Western Camp is very far. Cannot. I need to be posted out.

OP: Huh? Your CSM stays in Uber-Northern-Ululand and takes 2 hours to commute to work every day. I stay Eastern Area. Okay, okay… if you find it hard to commute every day, we give you bunk to stay in. You can stay in during the week and book out on weekends! Win.

WK: Sir, I don’t want to stay in. Can I be posted out?

Outcome: WK is not posted out. His extreme weakness and attempts to avoid work are noted and his work/leave/medical certificates are scrutinised and viewed with suspicion. Such is life.


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