the measure of a man, the treatment of his inferiors

It’s been noted that many medical professionals tend to marry within the profession. This, like everything else in life, has its advantages and disadvantages. (Redundant statement? You’d be surprised. There are many who see issues in black and white instead of shades of gray.)

One advantage – an added understanding of your future partner. How he takes stress. How he treats his superiors. How he treats his peers. How he treats his subordinates.

The last, I believe, is an important measure of a man. Anyone can suck up to a superior because they have an ulterior motive. A promotion, a good ranking, a traineeship position. How one treats people viewed as of little to no material consequence is a reflection of one’s character.

The medical profession, like any other, has its own share of such people. We’ve all seen people who become all smiles and ‘yes’-men in the presence of the bosses and turn into the mean-monster once the bosses disappear from view.

This demonstrates a person’s underlying disregard for others, and also demonstrates the cunning that allows him to obtain his superiors’ favour by putting on a front. It is probably not wise to trust such people.

Or marry them. I’m just sayin’.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Personally I would stay far far away from anyone who works in a bureaucratic system. That is, a bureaucrat. There is no way you can be a bureaucrat and not be involved to at least some extent in the kind of $hit that circulates in such a system. Just sayin’.


  2. Such is one of the tools of an ambitious person. Because treating the little man nice is not going to further any of your goals in life. But the day we can respect those who are markedly below us in the eyes of the world, we have truly arrived.


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