Vaccines – a victim of its on effectiveness

The other day, J. was discussing the recent flu vaccine with his cousin who said that “vaccines are not really necessary now, right? there’s not a lot of these diseases around anyway”.

Sarcastic analogy time!

You know, J. believes that proper sewerage systems are overrated and a waste of money. Look around you now. What is the incidence rate of cholera in Singapore? All these sewer systems can break down, burst open the road and cause road disruptions. They are a waste of taxpayers money. Sewerage systems bad.

End of analogy!

There’s this lack of realisation that the reason we enjoy this relatively pertussis, measles, polio and mumps free environment is a good public health system aided by the compulsory administration of the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella), polio and DPT (diphteria, pertussis, tetanus) vaccines. That vaccines were the reason for the eradication of smallpox. And that in areas in the world where vaccination rates have dropped below herd immunity levels, these diseases (except possibly smallpox) can make a comeback.

Next, there’s this lack of realisation that these diseases can cause serious health problems that outweigh the risks of vaccine reactions. This is thinking that needs to be adjusted.


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  1. What I have to say is that people who are healthy and have strong immune systems shouldn’t get these shots because chances are you won’t get it & if you do your body will take care of it(in almost no time with medication). I personally know a firefighter who has always been against seasonal flu shots, he was forced to get the swine flu vaccine because he is a healthcare worker & in almost no time he was very sick. If your old and your worried then get it. If your worried about your children give it to them, but if your pretty healthy theres no need to trick your body with that processed crap..


  2. Posted by Cairo on November 28, 2009 at 11:48 pm

    lolz…to add on to what pyscho posted, my ward is currently a holding ward for cohort H1N1 query cases. I should have acquired immunity by now. Should be fine without the vaccines, Exciting isnt it.


  3. The H1N1 vaccine has been recommended for people at risk as well as people who are frequently in contact with people at risk.

    Currently, the advice to get the H1N1 vaccination isn’t aimed at people who are healthy and have strong immune systems. And I agree that as healthcare professionals, we should get vaccinated – particularly if we work in wards with respiratory or immunosuppressed patients.

    ‘Processed crap’ is a pretty strong term. The absolute risks of side effects are slim. We control high blood pressure and cure bacterial infections with processed medications. Processed doesn’t equal bad.

    ‘Trick the body’? Should we instead catch chickenpox (with the risk of shingles in future) because it’s honest and not ‘tricking the body’ like getting vaccinated?

    Anecdotal evidence is not evidence. I know of sick patients who caught H1N1 from healthcare workers who refused to get vaccinated out of irrational fears. I know of young women, otherwise healthy (albeit with recent pregnancy), who have died of respiratory failure from H1N1. Do my anecdotes trump yours?


  4. do you have any idea whats in vaccines. If you did you might feel like I do about them. They are especially vile to vegetarians like myself because they contain countless disgusting animal products.. I am not going to deny the advantages humans have due to vaccinations, but I don’t think we need to immediately vaccinate for every little illness that arises… I don’t think its at all irrational to question what it is that is being pumped into your blood… I surely am not going to be a guinea pig…


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