Jumping to Conclusions

People are new. New people take time to catch up, and the first impression is often false.

He was on call with a new HO with a poor reputation for breaking down and almost being in a catatonic state on his first week at work. Most likely he was overwhelmed by being in a new country, in a new hospital, in a new system, in a new department with a horrendous workload for the inexperienced. Let’s say that frequent consultations were had and a couple of serious mistakes were made. J. was not happy.

Yet a couple of months down, said HO was the sole house officer on the same team as J., and having had experience in other teams, proved to be more than capable enough to settle all the changes of the admittedly rather complicated team. It’s a humbling experience for J. to be reminded that the conclusions we jump to about people are often unjustified.


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