Video: Bio-Rad GTCA Song (with lyrics)

I love Bio-Rad advertisements. Here, with the follow-up to the PCR Song, is the GTCA SsoFast song, to the tune of YMCA.

Lyrics below.


Randolph: Six years of graduate school, and look at our boy now.
Randolph’s Wife: Oh Randolph! Now I remember somebody who wasn’t too different from this not too long ago.

Enzyme, whatcha doin’ today?
I said enzyme, want to make DNA?
I said enzyme, show me your binding way
Let me mix you with some primers
Enzyme, time to build a new strand
I said enzyme, cause I know that you can
I said enzyme, these letters also spell DAN
All we need to get things started

Is just a little bit of GTCA
Is just a little bit of GTCA
I can build DNA
I can be a big star
You’re the key to my PCR
Thats right I’m talkin’ bout GTCA
Just a little bit of GTCA
I can make some new strands
I can view all my bands
I can be the best that I can

Enzyme, you have come a long way
But in my lab, demands are higher today
I said enzyme, now its time to go fast
We have got to increase throughput
Enzyme, I think I found what I need
It’s an enzyme, it gives me much higher speed
It goes so fast, when it builds DNA
All we need to get it started

Is just a little bit of GTCA
Is just a little bit of GTCA
I can build DNA
I can reach for the stars
I can do faster PCR

To all the scientists out there doing PCR, Bio-Rad salutes you with the all new line of SsoFast Supermixes for real time PCR


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Hassan Osman on December 12, 2010 at 12:42 am

    I came from Sudan, I call Hassan, I studied my Bsc at juba university, college of wildlife sciences, currntly I study my master degree at Sudan Academy in the field of Molecular Biology and parasitology, my research with the hydatide cyst, cystic echinococcosis in wild animals, I did my first survey in Dinder National Park, Sudan, and my sample analysis at the central veterinary research laboratories, Soba,Khartoum,Sudan,Where I worked as techntion, I learned P.C.R at Hohenhiem University, Parasitology Departement, under umberella of the DFG programme which are finance my study and the course I did. I like PCR and, this song


  2. Posted by Bronwyn Mosley on March 14, 2017 at 9:12 am

    I teach High School Forensic Science and Biology. Can’t wait to share!


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