Not Your Average Starbucks: Trung Nguyen Coffee (Liang Court)

trung-nguyen-signThis is the second outlet of Trung Nguyen Coffee in Singapore, the first being in Changi Airport Terminal 1, with plans for opening at least 2 more outlets apparently. Yes, walking through the newly opened Liang Court with a deluxe miso ramen from Tampopo in his belly, a potent smell of coffee wafted through the air and seized J. by the nostrils.

Imagine being grabbed by the nostrils. It’s not a pretty sight.

J., who had quit coffee for a mere 4 days, promptly threw his coffee-teetotaller resolve out the window and headed for the counter. Willpower is overrated.

trung-nguyen-coffee-prepThe place sells the usual espresso, macchiato, cappucino, latte (just listed in order of increasing milk content)… but what would be the point of going to a Vietnamese coffee joint and not ordering Vietnamese cofee, right? Right.

There’ve a bunch of combinations (“Creative”) of coffee right up to the weasel-eaten coffee beans that’re supposed to be an orgasmic experience (it’d better be, for $10 a cup), but J. thought he’d start simple – Creative 1: Thoughts (S$3.80 w/o milk, S$4.80 with milk).

Milk-producing cows are evidently very rare in Vietnam.

trung-nguyen-coffeeAccording to the description, it is brewed from the world famous Vietnamese “Culi” (pea-beans) Robusta beans. For the uninitiated, coffee beans can be broadly divided into two categories: Arabica and Robusta. Arabica generally tastes and smells better. Robusta tends to be less fragrant and more bitter. Knowing this, J. coughed up the extra $1 and had sweetened milk added to the bottom of his cup. Although the barista told him that he’d have to wait 2-5min for the drip coffee to be ready, it turned out to be more like 10min. Just sayin’, so you are mentally prepared. Fortunately, J. was at that coffee outlet to while away the time with a good work of fiction.

trung-nguyen-coffee-remnantsLook at those little flecks of oil on the surface. Let J. just said that the whole thing smelt DAMN GOOD. It was almost enough to just sit there and sniff in the aroma. And when he mixed in maybe about 3/4 of the condensed milk (don’t mix in the whole thing it’ll be too sweet) it was perfect. Very good, the sweetness of the condensed milk masking the bitterness of the coffee, while allowing the aroma to pervade the air. Mmm-mmm…

Service was pretty good, the two baristas were prompt and polite. The place was fairly quiet for a Friday evening which was very relaxing (of course, it was pouring outside). J.’d come back. Maybe test out the weasel’s taste in coffee beans.


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