Gear: Gerber Paraframe I Serrated Edge

This is NOT a review. J. has not time to properly evaluate the day to day use of this knife yet.

A couple of days back, J. bought a new folding knife. The Gerber Paraframe I, with a 3-inch partly serrated blade and a framelock mechanism. And the paraframe design, of course.

gerber-bladesHere’s a look at it beside J.’s old Gerber knife from Taiwan that he bought in 2002. Serrated edges have their uses, though they’re more difficult to sharpen. J. likes blades like this one which have both a smooth edge and a serrated edge for different materials. Generally, he uses his Buck knife when he wants just a smooth edge. While the paraframe design is cool and makes the blade lighter in general, one has to be careful not to let fingers split through the gaps to the exposed blade beneath. The belt clip of the folding knife’s pretty well designed.

gerbers-linerlock-vs-framelockAnd here’s a look at the Paraframe I’s frame lock vs the linerlock of the previous Gerber knife. The linerlock is easy to close with one hand, but the framelock is difficult to close with one hand. While irritating, it’s not a deal-breaker because J. only really demands that the knife be easy to open with one hand. Furthermore, the framelock feels a lot more solid than the linerlock and easily passed the spine-whack test. This blade’s opening’s a bit stiff, but nothing a little oil can’t solve.


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