*@$%ing Racists

J., having grown up in meritocratic Singapore, was raised to be blind to race and gender. From young, looking at the fervent, talented hard workers from the female GEP schools outperform him in every aspect (aye, even sports because J. was a fat piece of shit), gender and race never even entered the picture. Except with respect to hormones, eventually, but that’s not really relevant.

Side note: Not so much religion, because one cannot choose one’s race/gender but can choose one’s religion. Unless you belong one particular race, in which case your religion’s pretty much set for you, the punishment listed for apostasy being execution (not usually carried out).

J. $*&%ing hates people who believe in the superiority of one race over the other, and he’s not the only one. A colleague of his who spent her medical school days overseas related how the salespeople at stores would consistently give preferential treatment to Caucasians over her, even though she has more spending power and carries herself better than most of them. It was this kind of treatment that eventually transformed her from a true innocent to one that exclaims, “Chao ang moh!”

During an important festival of one of the non-Chinese races (because J. is Chinese, so there wouldn’t be a racism story to tell if it were CNY, right?), J. was kindly invited to the house of one of this colleagues. The thing is, while colleague’s mother was the warmest, most welcoming hostess one could hope for (who’s also a ridiculously exellent cook, urp.), the same cannot be said of her father… His insincere smile betraying the attitude that despite all the small amount that J. has achieved, despite what J. has worked for, by virtue of his not being the same race, he viewed J. as inferior. No matter what else J. could achieve, he would still be inferior.

And in that single instances, J. felt a boiling anger and unspeakable contempt towards him, but laughed through his teeth as a polite guest should, thinking “F*&% you sir, f@#& you and all your ilk. (racists, not his race)”


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