Food That’s Just Not Worth It – Part 1

“In these uncertain economic times” (my new catchphrase for sounding smart on the economy when I’m just a layperson trying to sound smart. smartass.) , one has to be guarded with one’s spending. Although that’s actually the reverse of what will revive the economy but I don’t care as long as I’m not living in the streets.

And today we are going to explore the topic of food that scores damn bloody low on the value-for-money scale. Let’s start it off.

  1. Fast Food Joints
  2. J. went to drop some relatives off at the airport and thought “Hmm, they’ve gone, I’m on my way back.. I’ll just grab a quick bite. Passing by Burger King, his eye was drawn to the new BK Stacker Double – two beef patties with cheese, topped with turkey bacon and the new stacker sauce. “It just tastes better!”


    Without the meal, the burger itself came to $4.95. A small burger comprising thin, dry beef patties with dry, non-crispy turkey bacon on a limp bun cut into two, it left a sick feeling in J.’s stomach 10min after he had stomached the thing (hey, why did he do it if it didn’t taste good? idiot.)

    This is classic of the fast food burger joints. Burger King, McDonald’s, Long John’s, etc.

  3. Mid-Range Western Food Restaurants
  4. Meeting up with some friends the other day, J. couldn’t be bothered to think of a decent place to eat at… so the friends came up with one of the worst possible ideas… Breeks, run by Zingrill. It’s a dang profitable business.

    Slap some fish on a plate with some butter rice, a bit of coleslaw and charge $15++ for it when the same could be obtained from any school canteen Western food stall. Smother some drumlets in a disgustingly sweet generic barbeque sauce, the whole stack looking from far like a pile of faecal matter, and call it buffalo wings in “special” sauce.

    Hire temporary staff to layer generic brand ice cream and call it a mudpie going for $14++. Put some generic garden vegetables together and charge $6. Now that’s profitable.

    why go for it? J. would suggest avoiding places such as Fish & Co., Manhattan Fish Market, Breeks, Cafe Cartel, etc.

That’s all for now… but more to come shortly.


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