Interesting Movie: Tokyo!

Having a day end early, J. passed by Cathay Cineleisure and decided on a whim to catch a not-so-mainstream movie. Tokyo! is a collection of 3 short films, thrown together to showcase the sights and feel of Moscow.

Yes yes, Tokyo.

The three segments are:
Interior Design contributed by Michel Gondry
Merde contributed by Leos Carax
Shaking Tokyo contributed by Bong Joon-ho

The first segment had lovely scenes. J. enjoyed the way it started with the couple in the ratty ol’ car stuck in Tokyo traffic in heavy rain… and the subsequent transition to the cramped living quarters of a white-collar worker. The scenes of Tokyo, the quirky dialogue and even the strange situations made for an amusing little film.

The second segment is appropriately named Merde. Because it was shit. It failed to evoke any emotion other than irritation. It was the sort of segment you’d be watching and thinking, “why the f*#& isn’t it ending yet?”

The third segment was a good way to close off the film. A nicely done segment, with an interesting concept and actors that can pull it off. Very nice.


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