TTSH vs SGH: Handing Over of Cases

In TTSH, at around 5pm or so the HO/MO on call gets a number of calls. Generally, these go something like this:

Hello, J. ah? This is K. from Ward 8B ah, got 2 cases to hand over to you. First one is 8B/65, Mr Genericname Tan, severe pneumonia, DIL Max ward fluids no inotropes, family informed already so just keep an eye out. Second is just to check blood and do check FBC 4 hours after, 8B/59 GS saw planning for scope tomorrow last Hb 6.9 GXM sent off waiting for blood to arrive. Can? Thanks.

Apparently, in SGH Medicine given the breadth of the wards the HO/MOs have to cover, this isn’t the case. Instead, you get a call from the nurse in the middle of the night.

Hello doctor J. ah, are you covering Ward 45? Patient in 25/4 desaturate to 85% on 28% O2 ventimask, case of pneumonia patient DIL.

Okay. What’re the vital signs?

BP 97/56, PR 123, SpO2 84% now.

What’s the resus status of the patient?


Okay… active or max ward? fluids? inotropes? does the patient know?

I don’t know. Let me see… -flip flip flip flip- They didn’t write. -flip flip flip- Cannot find.

Voila! Happy days on call, having to call a family and endure 30-45min of discussing maximum care management vs intubation and CPR and ICU. In the middle of the night while on call.

Of course, this might only be the case with the current batch of HOs/MOs, it might change with the next rotation, you never know.

In this round, TTSH cruises to an easy victory!

(Thanks to the current batch of friendly MOs, who are all leaving for their next MO postings in November, so you know… -shrug-)


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by haoyun on November 6, 2008 at 8:55 pm

    hey… that’s not true lar..
    I did sgh med… ppl do pass over sickies to u…


  2. Posted by haoyun on November 6, 2008 at 8:57 pm

    hey… that’s not true lar..
    I did sgh med… ppl do pass over sickies to u…


  3. hmmm, and it has been said that the other batch of SGH Ortho HOs are less cohesive a bunch than ours was. Maybe it’s less the hospital and more the people at that moment.

    In that case, I would like to withdraw this obviously flawed analysis.


  4. Posted by plhu on November 20, 2008 at 3:07 pm

    hmm for us in medicine now, usually the sickies are passed over between the MOs. sometimes, just sometimes, the HOs do get things passed over. like if I’m lurking in the ward I’m covering and their own HO still happens to be around and kindly warns me about patients that might make life difficult at night.

    though in GS in CGH, the HOs would write blue letters to the passive HO-on-call. “Dear HO2, we would like to refer the following patients to you for ….”


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