I miss jogging with friends at the reservoir. I miss pounding jungle trails and taking in the tranquility of the water. I miss having a chewy hot prata with spicy curry after.

I miss sitting on the cool parquet floor reading the morning newspapers. I miss having a fragrant mug of Old Town Coffee sitting alongside. I miss the morning music channels playing in the background.

I miss taking leisurely morning walks down the road. I miss having soft-boiled eggs and kaya toast in the morning. I miss musing over the day’s itinerary over a fragrant cup of Ya Kun coffee.

I miss drinking with friends late at night. I miss being able to leave the alarm clock off. I miss splurging on an Eggs Benedict late in the morning.

Currently, I get one weekend day off a month. Either a Saturday or a Sunday on one of the 4 weekends. 1 out of 30 days without having to return to the hospital. Previously in Orthopedic Surgery, it was 2 weekend days a month. 2 out of 30 days.

It’s a strange thing. When a fresh-faced year 3 medical student, when I heard that my favourite HO/MO was tired from not having a day off in 3 weeks, I thought it was inhuman and a reflection of the busy work schedule of General Surgery. Yet now, it’s but a simple fact of life.

When serving National Service, it didn’t matter how bad the training got because ultimately you had the weekends to look forward to. A little R&R went a long way to recharging the batteries. We don’t even have that now. It gets a little tiring. A little.

I miss my weekends.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by plhu on October 12, 2008 at 3:56 pm

    i miss my weekends very much as well. i get 2 weekend days off a month; but somehow, i’m usually post-call on one of them, dammit.
    i miss sitting down at the kitchen table with a mug of hot tea and reading the papers. and not caring how long breakfast took.


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