Black Crocs

On the journey home yesterday, J., looking about shiftily, declined to meet the eyes of anyone on the train. He shuffled his feet and tried to keep the plastic bag by his side inconspicuous. He quietly nudged it further under the seat.

He didn’t want anyone to see that he had bought a pair of Crocs.

More specifically, a pair of black CrocsRx “Relief” shoes to wear on call. Previously, J. wore a pair of adidas sports shoes on call… making it easy to sprint from one corner of SGH to another. Subsequently, having no time to change out, he wore his leather shoes and dress pants on call in TTSH. It’s time to give the feet a rest from their tight confines, he thought.

That’s why he forked out a sizable S$62.55 (after TTSH staff discount) to obtain one from the store at TTSH. Now, on the website, it claims: “The ultra soft sole provides a cushioning effect for plantar pain, heel pain, metatarsalgia and generally achy feet. The wide toe box is ideal for many post-op conditions as well as bunions.”

Anyway, J. has been wearing the Crocs around the house for a bit to get the hang of it. It feels a bit strange with a plastic sort of feel which high friction with the ground. Otherwise it’s generally quite comfortable. So he’ll be using this pair for his next call.

He’s still not going to wear it out though, that’s for sure.

Addendum (8/10/08):
J. wore the Crocs on call. They came too fairly well, he thought.


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