I am not ashamed.

Imagine this scenario. You, a Singaporean, go to the United States and make some new friends. One day, out of the blue, your American friend says, “Yo, J., you’re from Singapore right? That totalitarian state? Doesn’t it bother you? Your country caned a poor boy (Michael Fay) for a common juvenile behaviour. Do you feel any shame being from that country?”

You go, “Oh no, I am not ashamed.” He goes, “Well, you should be.”

What. The. Hell. To judge an entirety by focusing on one minor little detail, this is pure idiocy.

Now extrapolate that to anything of yours. Your co-curricular activity (NCC – “playing soldier?”), your secondary school, your bunch of friends, your family background. There will be people who will be thick-skinned enough to say, “You should be ashamed.”

I am not ashamed.


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