TTSH vs SGH: Computerised Patient Management Systems

Welcome to round 2 of SGH vs TTSH, the controversial face-off in which the only loser is J. for having the cajones to put this onto the interweb. It is politically incorrect, so to speak. However, since this information is widely known and reflects the views of fellow HOs but not necessarily J. himself, it seems to be fair, wouldn’t you think?

Yesterday in the field of radiological investigations, TTSH had SGH beat down so bad it seemed like the fight was over. Not so, however, because today the round is on patient management computer systems! Hurrah for the IT age! So you think…

And the winner is… Bum bum bum bum!

SGH, the champion of SingHealth, locks in a kimura and cranks it so bad that NHG’s representative TTSH’s shoulder does a 720. That’s going to need more than an inferior capsular shift, my friend.

SGH, by forking out the cash to obtain a proprietary system iSoft and its soon-to-be-successor Sunrise Clinical Manager (by Eclipsys), is using a system that is also in use by the world-reknowned Johns Hopkins hospital all all you folks who go all googly-eyed at the mention of American big names. It’s a company that makes its cash by having lots of people use its computer system. Its computer system has to be awesome, it keeps the cashflow coming.

TTSH is using CPSS, Computerised Patient Support System, a system that won NHG an Asian IT award in 2003 but has since started showing its age. It’s slow, prone to crashes, and just not as user-friendly. What can we say? It’s not to say it’s not usable… it’s just to say that in comparison, only in comparison, it’s a pain in the behind to use.

This round goes to SGH! The score is 1 apiece. Who will be the final victor?


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