TTSH vs SGH: Radiology

Hurhurhur… because J. likes to stir up trouble, possibly including for himself, he’s going to voice out the general consensus of house officers who have had the advantage of working in both places. As such, there’s going to be multiple rounds between the two healthcare heavyweights: TTSH and SGH… going toe-to-toe over various parts of daily work as a house officer.

Today, we focus on radiology.

And the round goes to… dum dum dum…

TTSH. It’s a brutal knockout in the first round with a vicious right-handed uppercut. SGH is down for the count!

No, seriously, TTSH radiological scans are bloody efficient. See the following example:

Patient admitted to TTSH GM for giddiness x 2/52. Hmmm… let’s get an MRI brain, just in case. It’s ordered as non-urgent in the morning in the system and voila! It’s uploaded in the system by the afternoon, and so are the X-ray neck AP/Lat/Flex/Ext views. Awesome.

Patient admitted to SGH Ortho with obvious cervical myeloradiculopathy. The spinal consultant is concerned, and wants an MRI spine done urgent within 24hours if possible. An urgent form is faxed with the usual form, and the on-call radiologist is called. An appointment is made for an open timing… the next day. It is done at 2.30pm the next day. Patient gets more gabapentin for his pain.

TTSH… epic win!

Note, folks, that it’s not to say that SGH is slow. It’s actually pretty damn fast, given the workload at SGH. It’s just that the speed with which one can get TTSH radiological investigations is simply incredible.

Hold on to your horses, TTSH fans! Ordering radiological investigations is but a small part of daily house officer work! TTSH may have won this round, but the battle is far from over!


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