Work Fatigue

It’s inevitable in any field. There just comes a time when one feels a little down for no particular reason. So what? One can’t expect others to pat one’s head and say… “Oh… poor baby…”

The answer is obviously far, far removed from wallowing in self-pity. Sometimes the best solution is to work through it. To gird up one’s loins and say, “Let’s go!”, to push through the initial barrier and overcome inertia.

That said, J. would like to point out that this refers only to the normal-ish, mild sort of “down-ness”. If one enters an extended period of depressive mood or starts encountering further psychiatric abnormalities, it would be advisable to seek some aid, even if not a full psychiatric consult. There is a societal stigma attached to psychiatric illnesses, but rather than allow that to dictate the course of one’s life, one should do what needs to be done and work towards changing the perception of society (Herculean task it may be).


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