The Brevity of Life

[Post-dated Entry]

The hospital grapevine is an amazing thing. News spreads like wildfire. So it came to J.’s notice from pathology folks some time back that a junior (name unknown) had suddenly passed on. And that struck a nerve like no patient he’s ever had did. Here was an apparently hale and healthy man/woman who had out of the blue crossed the border between life and death, cause unknown. While he can detach himself from the elderly patient with ischaemic heart disease passing on, this is another matter entirely.

The news had come because supposedly CG-mates/friends of said person, J. quotes, “boycotted” the posting because they didn’t wish to see the body of a good friend undergo the knife. That’s a very reasonable thing to do, and J. didn’t think the use of the word “boycotted” was appropriate at all. After all, an autopsy consists of elegance in brutality, with the search for truth being advanced at the cost of the human body.

Anyhow, J. doubts that the autopsy (it being a coroner’s case) will throw up much answers. Was it Brugada Syndrome?

And it was only recently that J. finally realised who fate’s victim was. A cheerful, warm-hearted man. J. can only imagine the terrible time his family and close friends have gone through.

To said person, wish you were still here.


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