Subconscious Analysis of Malaysia-Bashing In Singaporean Healthcare Workers

Some Singaporeans like to metaphorically bash the government of the neighbouring government and its policies. Some Singaporeans might even jokingly extend it to the mostly fine denizens of said nation.

It is therefore important to analyse the root cause of such dislike. Perhaps we might find that these people’s fathers didn’t cuddle them enough when they were children. Mayhaps they have some odd paraphilias that manifest as xenophobia.

It seems, however, that this has more to do with an issue of disappointment.

On paper, it appears that Malaysia has the upper hand. Natural resources, with more people and more land. People said that in 50 years Malaysia will overtake Singapoe in every aspect. Some people bought into the hype. For now, though they temporarily call Singapore home, they kept alive a faint glimmer of hope that Malaysia would be a viable long-term option.

The ones that have been away for ages or nearly not at all might have spent time brushing up or learning proper Bahasa Melayu, kept a bit up to date regarding Malaysian current affairs. They might have bought property in Malaysia with the intent of staying on said property, discussed with Malaysian relatives investment opportunities and insurance in Malaysia.

Then the smoke cleared from the eyes. Malaysia will not overtake Singapore in 50 years, and the difference in the government. It’s about vision. It’s about corruption. It’s about ability. And this affects the average healthcare worker. It’s about career opportunities. It’s about monetary intake. It’s about inflation and the cost of daily living. It’s about having trust in the judiciary and police. And looking at Malaysia from the other side of the water body, return might appear an uninviting option.

It seems plausible that this contempt of Malaysia stems partially from a disgust at how far things are from how they should be as compared to a true Singaporean arrogance.

This warrants no further study, since this entry is a purely speculative entry of a spaced-out mind on a quiet Tuesday evening and warrants no more respect than such an entry does.


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