Angry Rant: The Lazy Are the First To Complain

Firstly, congratulations to SGH for passing JCI accreditation. The multitude of changes in in place in the past 3 years and whatever modifications in the many weeks leading up to the audit have paid off for now. Of course, the JCI accreditation is meant to be a tool for self-improvement with the major outcome being patient care, but it’s nice to have that off the back of our minds.

Some time back, J. had one angry rant about a slacker colleague, KW, who was crazy obsessed over not having others relax over their work. It was a beautiful example of hypocrisy.

There’s a nurse from China (as made more obvious by her name T*** M*** and her accent) who’s a pathetic excuse for a nurse, earning the ire of both her peers, her seniors and the house officers.

In his weeks working, J. generally finds the nurses he works with pretty awesome, but finds the can’t-be-bothered attitude and whiny nasal voice of staff nurse TM a pain-in-the-behind.

Anyway, here’s what happened today.

To the house officers:
SN Ti** M**g whines, “Are you going to see Mr PatientWhoseAwaitingPlacement? Is he going home today?”. And so it is, while J. is discharging patients and filling out morbidity papers, that she bothers him about this multiple times. But it is quickly revealed, with a casual flip of one page of the case files by J. that it’s already settled and all that needs to be done is to confirm the date of discharge with the patient’s boss who’s settled the details.
Whine for the 5th time: “Um… have you seen the patient?” “Look at the case notes.” “Oh! It’s written here… … Are you going to call the boss today? Is he going back?”

To the nurses:
SN 1 (in charge of Rooms 10-20) is busy writing report. SN T**n M*n* (in charge of rooms 21-30) is free. SN 3 (in charge of rooms 31-40) is on break. Oh look, call bell from room 34. SN T**n M*n* will actually ignore the call bell until SN 1 leaves what she’s doing to answer to the patient.

Yes, sometimes we split up the patient load so as to better focus on patient care, but there’s no need to nitpick, is there?

So lets’s say SN 1 and SN 3 are serving medicaiton and SN T**n M*n* passes by a patient who needs his drain adjusted. Instead of spending 1min adjusting the drain which is RIGHT THERE, she will come out and inform SN 1 that her patient’s drain needs adjusting. Pffft.

And once again, when you have a person who’s obsessed with doing the minimum amount of work, he/she assumes everyone else is doing the same.

Now, in SGH Ortho, Saturdays are working days. Sundays are rostered days, with the house officers making internal arrangements to operate at half-strength.

J. came at 8.30am on Sunday because of the following reasons: that’s when he does most of his work in the wards after spine rounds (Wed 7.30-8.30), most teams don’t round that early on Sundays, he discharged most of the patients and pre-discharged most others on Saturday. Having nothing to do, he goes to the other ward where he’s transferring to on Monday and pre-discharged every patient there and does some changes. Finally, at 12noon, with nothing left to do and three fellow HOs waiting for for him for lunch, he leaves.

He was bloody offended when he heard T*a* Mi** make the snide comment, “Wah. So on time ah. Come late but leave exactly on time.” J. points out that it’s not a Sunday that he’s supposed to be on, and all anticipated work is alreayd done. As he leaves… staff nurse Tia* *ing, thinking that he’s out of earshot, tells the enrolled nurse ‘No. Sundays are half days. He’s supposed to come in.”

What. The. Hell. Here’re two middle fingers to the most useless SN J.’s worked with.

[cue end of angry rant. breathe… breathe… and it’s all happy rainbows and sunshine again]

(J.: to all the rest, it’s been a great few weeks, appeciate it. you’ve made the work remarkably easy. thanks!)


One response to this post.

  1. lol! Wat a a** hole nurse! Prays I won’t work with her. She’s probably the kind who leaves all her work to the junior and pretend to busy herself with the admin stuffs.


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