Breaking the Monotony

It’s only been a paltry 2.5 months since J. became a house officer at a major Singaporean health institution, and already he feels like he’s turning into mush.

Soft and aimless.

Mind you, it’s not that easy to avoid. You might think that you’re working hard and providing the best care possible for your patients, but before you know it you’re working 14 hour days and wondering whether it’s all worth it.

Otherwise, you’ll just be looking forward to your mid-day coffee. Then your tea-time coffee. And your breakfast coffee, often snatched while running from the MRT station to the morning round that you just might barely make it in time for.

Gelatinous… squishy…

Sometimes, you just need to give yourself a good kick in the nuts and get running forward again. Resume the energising morning runs. Sign up for surgical skills courses. Read a good book. You know, there’s always time.

After all, sleep is for the weak, that’s what they always say.



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