Beijing Day 0 (Saturday) – Traveling

This day was the strange combination of relaxing and busy. In the midst of packing (really little required, due to it being only a one week trip and the ability to do laundry), there was the residual ill-will from the altercation the day before.

Half the luggage bag consisted of things to be brought for the relative(s) in Beijing. Whlie packing,I also took the opportunity to tidy up his room and to pack bags for the first post-holiday day of work as well as the first post-holiday call. Darn it, J., you workaholic.

At around 9.30pm, the family took a cab to Terminal 3 of Changi Airport, 1-Terminal 3indisputably  one of the best damn airports in the world. The place is just gorgeous, regardless of whether you’re standing 2km away, just stepping into the departure hall or waiting to board the plane. Unless many other modern airports (like Beijing), Changi Airport has a knack of combining high tech, great architecture with a warm, human touch.

The 6-hour night flight itself, on Singapore Airlines, indisputably one of the world’s premier airlines (hey guys, can I get some freebies for this unabashedly nationalistic promotion?), was a breeze and passed quickly. My time was spent watching Pulp Fiction and interspersed with periods of sleeping and eating.

Man, that’s a great show.


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