Books: The Child in Time by Ian McEwan

Aye, he’s back from China, one country in which WordPress is banned. Ah well. J. read this book about 1 week before he left for Beijing.

Yes, as J.’s said before, he likes books by Ian McEwan, from the moment he started reading Saturday. Part of it is because of his ability to craft an engaging story centred around engaging and ultimately human characters.

The Child in Time is a book that talks about people’s ability to cope with grief and mourning regarding, not the death of an elderly patient, but the loss of a child whose fate remains unknown, likely forever.

Books like this speak strongly to human nature, appealing to emotions that most of us keep locked up on a daily basis because of ease of function.

It’s yet another great novel. Sure, most people only hear of Atonement and Kiera Knightly, but this one’s worth a look too.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I was glad to see this note about one of McEwan’s lesser known works.

    Which did you like better, Saturday or The Child in Time? Also, have you read either Amsterdam or Enduring Love?

    I enjoyed Amsterdam, but haven’t read Enduring Love even though it has been recommended.


  2. Aye, I enjoyed Amsterdam too. It felt like a short story filled with dark humour. Haven’t read Enduring Love yet, however, will try to do it soon.

    Saturday made a deeper impression on me… it was the first book by Ian McEwan that I read, and both its protagonist, a neurosurgeon, and its antagonist, a suffered of Huntington’s, appealed partially to my insider understanding.

    That said, The Child in Time touched more emotionally. It’s difficult to choose, really.


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