Angry Rant: Slacker Colleague

-Rant ahead- Well, y’know, J.’s been trying to keep everything on this blog politically correct, even-handed and all that, don’t ya know. But it’s nice to let off steam once in a while

You see, every now and then, you meet a stupid colleague (no offense intended to the truly intellectually disabled).

And you’ll notice, it’s the ones who try to slack off the most (while attempting not to look like they’re slacking off) who pay the greatest attention to the slightest attention that anybody else is trying to slack off. It’s disgusting. -Pui!-

So it is, that the day before his leave is due to start. The leave that’s been settled over 2 weeks ago, that’s been posted on the internet and sent to every person in the department along with the rest of the scheduling, slackerfriend asks ‘so you’re going on leave? when? mon tue?’

No, J. said, I’m going on Sat-next Sun! Bwahahahha! With the power of 5 days leave (+ 1 off in lieu), a sweet 9 days off. Finally, a nice break. Sure, that leaves him with 2 days leave for the remaining 2 months, but ah well.

“WHAT?!”, slackerfriend exclaimed, “You’d better be here on the other weekends! Last weekend were you here?”

What. The. Hell. J. was at work the weekend before.

The weekend before, slackerfriend wasn’t at work. He had left the newest member to cover the busiest ward by herself. Excellent work. Bravo, really, slackerfriend.

Furthermore, he tried to justify his inability to foist off more work on others by saying, “you didn’t tell me. did you tell otherfriend? what about yetanotherfriend? who’ll cover you” And actually managed to cause J. to feel guilty for not manually informing every bloody member of the department when he doesn’t bloody have to. Furthermore, he had agreed with the rostermonster that to make it up to the rest, he’d be at work every other non-leave weekend.

So look at the damn schedule and stop acting like such a pious, righteous, hypocritical, holier-than-thou, pompous arse, slackerfriend. What’s the point of announcing one’s leave and scheduling people to cover if one’s not going to look at it? Telling the person scheduled and a few other people isn’t enough, J. supposes, when the slackerhood of one slackerfriend is at sake.

Pui. Not only is J. pissed that slackerfriend isinuated that J.’s a slacker, he’s pissed that slackerfriend made him feel guilty over something that in retrospect, he shouldn’t be feeling guilty over. Arse. A lighthearted chat with a happy mood spoiled by the ‘concerned’ exclamations of a selfish prick.

J.’s going on leave. Over and out.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by cheekysalsera on June 14, 2008 at 1:30 am

    You could be happy that you’re on leave and he’s not, he probably wouldn’t be able to take the same length of leave if he’s been slacking as you say. =p Anw, if the announcement was sent to everyone, it’s his problem if he didn’t read it.

    Btw, what does the 1 off in lieu mean?


  2. If you have to work on a public holiday (e.g. because of being on call), you get one day off. A day off in lieu of the missed public holiday, so to speak.


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