Nepal Day 19, 20: Pokhara – Kathmandu – Singapore

Woke at 0500, 1hr earlier than the alarm. We had largely packed our stuff the day before so the morning was easy. Breakfast @ 0645 (hurray for curd), taxi arrived @ 0715, the bus left @ 0735. We took Swiss Travel, which at Rs400 a person, is cheaper and nicer than Grey Hound (pui!) at USD7 a person.

It was a ridiculously long 7 hour bus ride, this time in weather that was starting to become uncomfortably warm. Nepal is a country without simple straight expressways between cities, instead relying on wning mountain roads offering a great view of the hills. Of course, one small accident and all of us go over a cliff and die horrible, horrible deaths, but that’s too pessimistic and horrific to even contemplate.

Eventually, around 1420, after we were all very fatigued, the road widened into a mountain pass and the city of Kathmandu came into view, sprawled out in the valley. It was into this madness we descended, getting stuck in traffic, surrounded by the brown dullness and polluted air of urban Nepal. Arrival at stop at 1455 hours, Kathmandu Guest House reached at 1510hrs.

After settiling down, K & I went down to the girls’ room which had been upgraded at no cost due to lack of rooms. We then set off for the market (alas, no pictures taken) and bought… get this… medical textbooks at “National Book Centre, Bhotchity, Kathmandu”. Very satisfied, we returned and had dinner at Fire & Ice. A fine dinner. Tomato soup was creamy and the 2 pizzas hit the spot. Dessert was a nice chocolate cake with chocolate ice cream and chocolate fudge.

The last night in Nepal was thus spent stuffing our faces. Is there a better way to pass the time? Well, I had some roadside Tibetan momos that absolutely disgusted JW and maybe HY. They were edible, just not fantastic. And I wasn’t the one with GE afterwards. Hmm…

The next day, the light, birds, and my natural body clock woke me up at 0500hrs again. Read the newspapers with particular interst to Singapore’s rentals registering Asia’s largest year-to-year increase. Also noted an outbreak of kala-azar in Nepal, partly due to poor hygiene by that particular villages.

We ate breakfast at 0835hrs at Northfield Cafe. It’s an overrated, overpriced place, but their muffins were passable. We took a 30min taxi ride @ 1030hrs to the airport, where we were stopped because they mistook us for Nepalis. Yes, our skin was tanned. Check-in was uneventful but we had to wait ages to board the plane. After the 7 hour bus ride the day before, the two plane rides were easy-peasy… and soon after we were thrust into the working world.

So it is we look back longingly to the past… and trudge to work the next morning. Maybe in the future, we’ll go back and do another trek.


2 responses to this post.

  1. u finished ur travel bloggin! finally~
    Now that we are stuck at work and not seeing much sunlight I actually miss the times we were in the mountains and just enjoying the sunlight admist the snow, sipping lemon tea…


  2. Posted by J on May 20, 2008 at 9:55 pm

    Yes, i definitely miss the mealtimes. When we could sit, put our legs up and just relax while waiting for food.

    It’s a far cry from the current interrupted meals scoffed down in a chattering lunchroom, noisy enough that we can hardly hear ourselves think.


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