Nepal Day 18 (Rafting Day 3) – Back to Pokhara

Beautiful morning yet again. Woke at 0500hrs and was amused by the figure of the singing Iranian sleeping on the beach. We had a breakfast of pancake/prata, bread, porridge and a hot coffee, then packed up and went down to the water.

A few minor rapids later we were in still water. There would be no more rapids to run. That was kind of sad, since it was still early. We decided then to go for a swim. JW, who had steadfastly refused to go into the water “Giardia!” was unceremoniously dumped in by K, myself and the Danish slacker. I had swum over to their boat and boarded it.

Anyway, much rowing later, with one kayaker who was now the coxswain/captain of our ship who liked to make H scream and scream in her face too, we arrived at our destination and unpacked.

It was the end of 3 days of rafting and I felt somewhat unsatisfied. The next time I go whitewater rafting, it’s gotta be a river with class 4-5 rapids. 3-4 just doesn’t cut it, y’know.

There was a long bus ride back and we arrived back in Pokhara at about 5.20pm. The first shower we had in 3 days definitely felt good.

(Tip: SAF foot and body powder and wet wipes are freakin’ awesome)

Dinner, for the benefit of those who had prior tummy upset, was at Everest Steak House where I had the Champignon Steak, followed by milkshakes @ The Lemon Tree, which has crappy service and not-great milkshakes. Avoid.

Our holiday was over. The remaining days would be to get back to Singapore.


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