Nepal Trip Day 16 (Nepal Rafting Day 1)

Alright, alright, alright, get a load of this joke.

5 Iranian men get into a raft with 2 Dutch ladies… who are lesbians. They fight to the death in a rope knife death match.

Well, that’s only partially true. Let’s start from the beginning!

We woke up, packed our stuff into storage once again and brought our daypacks to Love Shack (down at the loooove shack) to take the 2.5hour bus ride past Nayapul to the ‘start’ of the Kali Gandaki. 20 min before the end, however, a little mustachioed Nepali man stood at the front of the bus and said.

“We Nepali people want to get some dhal baat.”

So we took a 20-min break that was warm and utterly boring before reaching our destination where we set up the equipment and the ‘Nepali people’ prepared a lunch of sandwiches for us. With us on the trip were 5 Iranian men, 2 Dutch ladies, a Danish couple and 1 Singaporean girl. The setting up took some time, what with having to waterproof our daypacks, pump air into the rafts, eat lunch, etc. Then there was the picking up of the paddles and donning of the helmets and life jackets

But finally we were off!

It was a bit boring at first but the rapids were exciting. As we approached the first rapid, we were quickly directed to the shore where we had to alight and walk past the first rapid that the instructors ran. Supposedly it was too dangerous for us to fall in those.

In the very first rapid we ran, one Iranian man (H & I were in the raft with the Iranians) fell off and was dragged back by ‘Borat’, a very enthusiastic and helpful Iranian who bore a striking resemblance to Sacha Baron Cohen’s character.

At around 2+pm, we arrived at our first destination and set up camp. I was surprised that the day had ended so early, really. We set up our 2-man tents. The long, long afternoon was then whiled away with: bridge, random chat, tea/coffee, soup, dinner (pasta), more tea/coffee, sitting around talking in the dark.

I certainly hoped there was more rafting the next day.

Though we went to sleep in just our T-shirts, in the middle of the night I woke up shivering and had to open up the sleeping bag to snuggle in. The moon was almost full and illuminated the campsite clearly. Very nice.


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