Nepal Trek Day 12 (Trip Day 14): Birethanti – Nayapul – Pokhara

It was an easy, comfortable day. Waking up in the snuggly comfort of blankets at 0630hrs, we packed slowly, shaved (parts depending on person in question, cough cough ahem), washed up an had a leisurely breakfast, finally leaving at 0930hrs for a short but brisk walk to and then through the touristy streets of Nayapul.

We arrived at the road at 1000hrs, where we had to bit a sorrowful adieu to our walking sticks, first obtained from the porters before we set off from Pothana. A nice van came by to take us back to Pokhara in about 2 hours.

And that marked the end of our trek. Tips of 2 days pay to each of the porters, boots finally retired, sleeping bags returned, and had lunch at purportedly the best view/food in Pokhara – Mike’s Restaurant. The view was great, the food decidedly less so, with the flies and birdshit spoiling the meal somewhat.

The rain came so K and JW went back to take in the laundry first while I paid. We sat around the girls’ room on the 3rd floor of Sacred Valley Inn, counted our money and talked, waiting for the rain to stop. When it diminished, we set off unperturbe by the rolling thunder, only to be punished barely 3min out by a downpour. We quickly sought shelter in the comfortable environs of Moondance. The place was nice, the food wasn’t. Nonetheless, I had a bottle of Everest Beer (the other local beer besides Gorkha). Oh, the desserts weren’t bad (apple crumble, Macchpucchre something)

Afterwards, JW went to make a Skype call while we moved on, looking for sunblock for rafting and presents.


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