Nepal Trek Day 9: Chomrong – Ghudrung – Siprong – Chuli – Tadapani

Yet another long trek. The boiled eggs and watery milk tea we had in the morning didn’t give much sustenance and we were hungry way before lunch. I, I had half a granola bar at Ghudrung and was still hungry. We walked along flat mountain ridges for some time before going into some serious upslopes (not steps, slopes).

Along the way, K and I stopped to admire our Frankensteinian boots, barely held together by little bits of string. After we reached the top of the ridge, it was a steep downslope which wreaked havoc with our knees/Frankensteinian boots.

Soon after, we reached Ghudrung where we stopped and Chandra (the porter-guide) spoke animatedly with the folks there. Leaving early, we had to stop at a fork in a road, unsure as to the correct path (the right) and then generally went downhill, passing by a tiny stream (that I optimistically hoped was the river on the map… it wasn’t) and then down to Siprong by the river.

Stopping for a 5min river, we looked upwards towards the highest part of the mountain at our lunchtime destination – Chuli. This part was difficult, for it was a continuous upslope with few to no steps, requiring a combination of decent boots (for the grip) and decent calf muscles. Total time from Tadapani to Chuli: 3 hours 15 min (8.15am to 11.30am).

After lunch, it was a wining jungle upslope with, once again, few steps and lots of steep slopes. Except for the milder humdity, it brought back memories of walking through the jungle, and felt neverending. There were very pretty rhododendrons towards the end that we took pictures of… and there was the light shower that threatened but never really developed into a full blown shower.

Finally, we reached the Panorama Point Guest House after a mere 1 hour (and 3 minutes!) of climbing. It felt like 3. Ha.

It’s supposed to be the best guest house in Tadapani with flowers decorating the area, hot showers, easily accessible with Western-style toilet bowls. Of course, there was no electricity, and the smoke from the dining room wafted through the holes in the wall to our 6-bedded room. We did have an excellent view outside our room, I guess.

The rain started long after we arrived and hours after lightning streaked the sky. Comfortable after our hot showers, we ate by candlelight in the dining hall. There’s a group of 11 from England on a short trek (i.e. not ABC) staying here and we met a Dutch couple that had lunch at Chuli as well.


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