Nepal Trek Day 8: Dovan – Chomrong

It was a long trek today. Breakfast at 0700hrs, so we managed to leave closer to 0800hrs. Quick 1 hour walk to Bamboo, then the long upslope to Kuldigar, which is an abandoned area, then down to Sinuwa.

Bamboo… back to the Buddha Lodge, where we had the fortune/misfortune of watching an amorous goat get it on with its mate who seemed a wee bit less than enthusiastic, resulting in quite a chase.

When we reached the top part of Sinuwa, the restaurants there had a lot of business from other tour groups, so we deicded to walk back down to Sherpa Lodge (where we had eaten lunch before)… which was a 1/2 hour of downslope. While a bit disappointing (the stomach complained), I actually prefered to cover more ground prior to lunch.

After lunch, I sped off down the slope with HY nipping at my heels (heh, sorry, HY), passing a mule train that was just getting ready until we reached the valley where 3 boys were bathing.

The evil steps of Chomrong beckoned… but it wasn’t all that evil. Instead, it was a long but comfortable upward hike on solid stone steps (which are much easier to walk on than uneven, rock-strewn slopes) in Chomrong until Excellent View Guest House. The post-lunch walk had only taken us 1.5hrs (1308 to 1440hrs).

Barely 10min into the upward climb, we heard the clanging of bells and turned to see the mule train approaching. These mules, so used to the mountains, they climb the fences with far more ease than a human can.

Shared a small room with 2 single beds and one queen-sized bed and treated ourselves to a good dinner of “Pizza with proscutto & funghy”, lasagne, “spaghetti with funghy” and egg veg fried noodles. We then made use of the phone to call home at a rate of Rs150/min, just to tell our parents that we were doing well.

The snow from ABC had tanned/burnt each of us despite the SPF45 sunblock we used. As such, I was sitting on the steps outside the shower, awaiting my turn in my flipflops when a Nepali woman came by and started speaking in Nepali. I looked at her blankly and she went, “Oh! Sorry!” and bustled off. Heh.


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  1. Posted by HY on May 3, 2008 at 2:59 pm

    I was like forever nipping at ur heels! u always take off leaving behind a puff of smoke =p


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