Nepal Trek Day 4: Chomrong – Sinuwa – Bamboo

Woke up at 0600hrs and it was raining, windy, misty and cold. After a late breakfast at 0800hrs, we packed our things and retired to the rooms to await the passing of the rain, finally leaving around 1015hrs in a drizzle, clad in waterproof jackets and a poncho (me, and usually we all just wear T-shirts). The picture shows what I had for breakfast – Gurung bread, also known as Tibetan bread. It tastes like a gigantic hum chim beng (those from Singapore will understand), and is a form of fried sweet bread eaten with anything from cheese to honey.

After one seriously long kneecap-busting downhill, to be christened the [not-so-]evil steps of Chomrong by a fellow member, where we passed through the long, long village of Chomrong (pictured).

The weather started to clear, and after one upslope climb. We reached Sinuwa where we took a picture with the gorgeous view before lunch at the Sherpa lodge.

During lunch, however, clouds engulfed the area, creating a whiteout when looking out the window. One of our own wasn’t feeling well, so we took our time to leave. We had stopped at the bottom part of Sinuwa, so it took us half an hour to reach the top part of Sinuwa.

The ground on the subsequent downslope was muddy and reminded K & I of army days. It started drizzling once again, but we were only walking in the slight rain for 15min before we finally reached Bamboo and checked into the Buddha Guest House where we had sizzling hot showers. Nice.

The night was cold and I woke up to pull on my socks. Brr.


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