Nepal Trek Day 3: Ghandruk – Kinrong – Chomrong

We woke up early in the morning to go and see the best view around in Ghandruk at the helipad at around 0700hrs. Look at that… Pictures hardly do it justice.

After breakfast, we set off towards Kinrong. It was a stretch of flat land, followed by lots of dowhill, clambering down slightly slippery slopes, using our sticks and grabbing at rocks/tree roots for support. It was along this stretch that we passed by a group from the SPF. It was a boost to learn that after the day before’s gruelling climb, it would be a short trek this day with 3 hours to Kinrong followed by 2 hours to Chomrong.

We reached Kinrong where we had the worst food ever. It’s amazing how people can brutalise simple dishes of fried rice, fried noodles and boiled potatoes. This was where we ran into 3 folks from Shanghai (2 gentlemen and a lady).

Post-lunch, it was more upslope, this time with long stretches without the benefit of stone steps, causing our gastrocnemius/soleus muscles to work overtime. Along the way, we repeatedly met 2 nice men from Southampton, the more elderly of whom was holding an umbrella. Every now and then, I would look back and see a view like the picture on the right. Beside the river is Kinrong.

At the end of the upslope, we were elated! Then it started drizzling. I, high on endorphins, decied to set off downhill rapidly, followed closely by Yek, the ‘forward-scout’ porter. Moving along rapidly, unfortunately soon I left the others behind and stopped at one of the rest points, but could see no one else. Allowing Yek to pass, I decided to follow in his footsteps. Along the trek, the rain started getting heavier, so I had to stop to put on the poncho (but Yek kept moving!)

As a result, I had to hurry along in the rain to catch up and finally reached Fishtail Guest House at Chonmrong around 1440hrs, sitting upstairs, looking out and writing in my journal. The others arrived around 1505hrs. Tang party!

(The Southampton folks passed by and said they were staying at International.)

The rain cleared and we were treated to spectacular views of the mountains. This will prove to be a recurring theme throughout this trek. The ABC trek is renowned for its views.

It rained at night, but thinking of the possibly colder temperatures to face further up, I steadfastly (um, foolishly) refused to wear a jacket, only using the sleeping bag. It was passable… barely.


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