Moving House during MBBS period is a pain

It’s terrible timing. As it is, J. is moving house in the same period of time that he’s preparing for/and taking his final M.B.B.S. That’s stressful but manageable… J. thinks.

It helps when you get a professional moving company. One that gives you boxes to use instead of charging $2.50 per box. One that doesn’t quote you a cheap price then proceeds to add surcharges becaues “It’s too heavy. It’s too bulky. That’s too many boxes.” One that owns a huge truck fixed with a mechanical ramp. One that has its own carpenter to dismantle and reassemble your cupboards. A company like SwiftUnited. That’s the one J.’s family’s using.

What J.’s trying to do now is to pack as much as possible every day, leaving the essentials (like Kumar & Clark, Clinical Pediatrics, etc.). The house might look like a war zone initially but it’ll clear slowly over time.

It’s amazing the number of things that turn up once one starts sorting. For instance, the brand new Faculty of Medicine lanyard in a drawer (J.’s going to use it for final MBBS), the unsharp cheapo-version of the Swiss army knife, photographs galore, paediatrics notes (J. actually misplaced these last time, the fool), warranty cards, etc. Good stuff.

Now… about packing for grad trip… Time’s a lil’ bit tight, eh?


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