Med/Sci Library Closing Time

The demolition of the old Medical Library is well under way, and the week’s Evidence-Based Nursing and Medicine Conference has ensured that people are flocking to the Med-Sci Library to study for the upcoming examinations.

It’s very peculiar, really. With two libraries’ librarians in one library, you’d think the workload should be decreased and library hours could be extended.

Not so. It seems as though extending opening hours for medical students’ use is a relic of the past. Where once medical students would study on Sundays until late at night, now it’s a strictly 5.30pm rule.

There’s also now an amazing way they close up the library… they rupture your eardrums with terrible elevator music so loud, it can be heard from the canteen. That’s 4 storeys down and 75m away.

Location at which the music is loud but not eardrum-bursting
Med/Sci Library Outside

A very loud pre-recorded tape plays: “The library will be closing in 15min time.” It’s followed immediately by an announcement that the lights will be turned off in 5min time.

This announcement is usually played at 9.40pm. So the lights go off at 9.45pm? Why, that’s perfectly normal, ain’t it, as the library opening hours as listed here state (8am-10pm). It’s perfectly natural for the library to be shrouded in darkness for the last 15min. Why wouldn’t it be?

People starting to evacuate at 9.30pm
library at 2130

At the end of this announcement, the elevator music plays. All the librarians have to be deaf, because the volume is so high the static can be heard from outside the library.

In the past, an announcement said the library was clearing in 15min time. A warning, so to speak. Then 5min before, another announcement, then the students would clear out as the bells rang. Quite different from the current situation, really.

It seems to the average medical the librarians don’t have enough to do, perhaps, that they can purposely clear off the library users early on a regular basis. In a distinctly unfriendly manner, hovering about in their civvies, fingers on the light switch.

Let’s get together and buy them some better music too.

Addednum: Today, on the 29th Feb 2008, the volume was mysteriously softer. It’s a start.


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